Inferno Series Revolving Oven GW 85 Cupola

Inferno Series Revolving Oven GW 85 Cupola

Cupola Revolving Ovens

The ultimate revolving brick oven for small pies and serious production. This wood and or gas oven is a production machine, great for cooking small and medium size pies.

It can produce up to 100 small pies per hour. Cooks at 700f to 900f. Patent floor heat and simple to operate. Save labor, save time and make perfect pizza. No skill needed! Up to 8 small pies at one time or three 16” pies. The entire cooking surface of 110 centimeters is all usable space. Custom options available Patent Floor Heating and Easy Maintenance Options Metallic  Dome ( Cupola ) Finish Or Tile. (Call For Pricing 1800 683-6053)

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Hearth Capacity:

8 – 12” Pizzas
3 – 16” Pizzas


4000 lbs


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