How Rotating Brick Ovens Saved My Business

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How Rotating Brick Ovens Saved My Business

What’s the real value of a rotating brick oven?

The pizza scene has exploded over the last decade with a true
wood fired craze. The wood fired brick oven and pizza has been around for
centuries and its come back is truly a wonderful thing. The art of cooking pizza,
and I do say the art is dependent upon the skill of the person who cooks the
pizza, in any wood fired oven. In other words no matter how good you make the
pizza (before it goes in the oven) it all depends on the skill of the person
who cooks it!. Now I know that wood fired brick ovens are a great thing. I have
been cooking in them for over twenty years and truly love the art. I have
worked them for hours on end while the sweat poured from my for head and cooked
hundreds of pizzas on a Friday and Saturday night for years . All the while
doing my best, spinning the pizzas toward and away from the fire, moving them
from one hot spot to another to assure the perfect cook every time.

revolving brick oven

And I must say that was great, and it was a lot of work, and an incredible
show to boot! But I must say that not every pie was perfect somewhere a little
to burnt, some a little undercooked, some un- evenly cooked and some not cooked
on the bottom! But I did my best all the time and as an owner I felt it best to
be the one responsible for my products and cook them all I did! Well that went
on for several years and the business was great but i did get my share of
complaints no matter how hard i tried. Even when other employees where thrown
into the fire I always had to open the boxes make sure that every pie was ok
throw out this one or that one get the phone calls about the burnt pizzas mushy
pizza raw pizzas on the bottom. Man oh man! that was the hardest thing about
the business, taking those calls and complaints, though not always but always
on the busy nights. I guess I must have had a lot more complaints then I had
known, because not to many people would call back to complain THEY JUST WOULDN’T COME BACK and those who did
usually where rude and I had to really be calm. So I guess although I made
great pizza ” width=”500″ height=”315″ /> cooks the pizza” doesn’t have to do a thing except take the pie out after
four rotations. So what’s the value of this oven? It’s priceless! Perfect pizza,
no complaints, and my labor cut in half! . The oven pays for itself!  So if your thinking of going into the wood fired buisness make your life easy and invest in the most important thing a Rotating Brick Oven.

Scot Cosentino

Founder Goodfella’s Brick Oven Pizza.





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