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Inside the Thriving Pizza Industry  

From Startup to Success: Inside The Thriving Pizza Industry

 Lets dive inside the thriving pizza industry; When it comes to food, few things are as universally loved as pizza. From its humble beginnings as a simple Neapolitan Street food, pizza has become a global sensation with countless variations and loyal fans. But what does it take to go from a pizza start up to pizza success in today’s competitive market? In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the pizza industry in the USA and explore the latest trends and factors contributing to its continued growth and success. Whether you’re a pizza lover, entrepreneur, or simply curious about the business side of this popular food, this post is for you. So, let’s dig in and discover the secrets behind the thriving pizza industry in America. Pizza has been declared as America’s favorite food for numerous years in a row by various polls conducted across different regions of America.

The Rise of Gourmet Pizzas

A delicious revolution is brewing in the world of pizza, driven by the rise in gourmet offerings. Pizza lovers are no longer satisfied with just the standard fare, their taste According to the National Association of Pizza Operators, has shifter to more gourmet options fresher ingredients and wood fired artisan pizza. And so this opens the door for a whole new markets in the United States in areas of the country that where and are dominated by the big chains.

This is where gourmet pizzas enter the scene, imagine biting into a slice adorned with the earthy, luxurious notes of truffle oil, the savory richness of prosciutto, the sweet allure of fig jam, or the creamy decadence of goat cheese. The thought itself is drool-worthy, isn’t it? Well, this is the reality in the world of gourmet pizza. Real Ingredients heathier choices and amazing flavor profiles.  These unconventional toppings have started to dominate the menus, making a distinct departure from the tried-and-true classics.

New Pizza Trends

New trends also show that consumers are also looking for non= GMO products as well as organic and farm to table options. Consumers are becoming aware of the dangers in non gmo foods and other practices that the food industry have implemented to sacrificed the health and well being of us all. This trend will continue to grow as people become more aware of the toxicity of our food chain. So, if you use non-GMO products, farm to table and organic choices you need to let them know that you are offering a heathy alternative to preservatives and low-quality products.

The Evolution Unfolds

As this taste and food choice evolution unfolds, it’s paving the way for fresh-faced startups to carve out their own corner in the pizza market. By leveraging the gourmet trends and quality products they can differentiate themselves with unique and upscale toppings that elevate the humble pizza to a culinary masterpiece. The pizza industry is transforming, and the rise of gourmet pizzas better product’s healthier choices is a delicious testament to this change.

Value Verses Price:

Let’s face it pizza is still the best value when it comes to feeding the family.  Pizza will always be a family favorite and economical as well. Where else can you feed a family for around 20 to 30 dollars?    When offering great pizza and products do not be afraid to charge for better products and options. There are always people looking for a deal or cheaper products and you can offer deals or specials for them, but there are people who appreciate great pizza, great products and are will to pay a little more. So let them know who you are and what you do.

Amazing Pizza Facts

Did you know that about three billion pizzas are sold in the US every year, generating approximately $38 billion in revenue for the industry. Around 93% of Americans have eaten pizza at least once a month. According to a study, Americans consume approximately 100 acres of pizza every day, which equals to around 350 slices per second.

The first pizzeria in the United States was founded by Gennaro Lombardi in New York City in 1905 and it’s still open today under the name Lombardi’s.

Inside The Thriving Pizza Industry

Now that you might be tempted to jump inside the thriving pizza industry and become an artisan pizza maker here is a link to the Pizza School Of New York . The Only place that teaches all styles of pizza and some of the greatest gourmet pizzas. They also use one of the industry’s best revolving wood fired ovens : the inferno series  



NY Brick Oven Co.

Pizza From the Inferno series by NY Brick oven Co.m

The Vodka Pizza Created at Goodfellas Pizza School 1992

Wood Fired Revolving Brick Ovens

Amazing Pizza From the Pizza School Of New York

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What Type Of Wood Is Best For Pizza Ovens

What Type Of Wood Is Best For Pizza Ovens


What Type Of Wood Is Best For Pizza Ovens ? Having the best oven is not enough to get you the best pizza. The best wood can make the most significant difference in texture, taste, and cooking time. Therefore, even though there are different woods, pizza woods should be selected carefully. To save you some time, here’s a guide on how to pick wood for your pizza oven.

Types of Woods to Use in a Pizza Oven

Seasoned and Dried Hardwoods

Seasoned and dried woods known as kiln dried  work best for making pizza because they give more heat with a small amount of wood. However, they give higher temperatures, and you must ensure they are well-dried for consistent burning without too much smoke. Your wood needs to burn clean and the best way is to truly use seasoned kiln dried wood! Woods with out bark burn cleaner as well in the intial firing . Getting the correct size logs as well is also a great plus point. You dont want logs that are too thick in a smaller oven and you dont want them to small either or they will burn up quickly.

This is one of the best wood companies I have used Wild What Type Of Wood Is Best For Pizza Ovens



Choose hardwoods for a hotter, cleaner fire.

Cord to cord, hardwoods burn hotter than softwoods. Because of the wood’s density, hard wood  take longer to ignite, but once they begin burning, they’ll produce more heat and burn for a longer period of time. Because of their hotter burn temperatures, hardwoods have the added bonus of burning more cleanly, putting off less creosote-creating smoke than their softwood counterparts.

Even among the hardwoods, some burn hotter than others, churning up more BTUs per cord. For the sake of comparison, here are the BTUs per cord of some of the hardwoods commonly found in the eastern United States: Not all wods are avilable and some can be pretty costly .

  • Osage orange, 32.9 BTUs per cord
  • Shagbark hickory, 27.7 BTUs per cord
  • Eastern hornbeam, 27.1 BTUs per cord
  • Black birch, 26.8 BTUs per cord
  • Black locust, 26.8 BTUs per cord
  • Blue beech, 26.8 BTUs per cord
  • Ironwood, 26.8 BTUs per cord
  • Bitternut hickory, 26.5 BTUs per cord
  • Honey locust, 26.5 BTUs per cord
  • Apple, 25.8 BTUs per cord
  • Mulberry, 25.7 BTUs per cord
  • Beech, 24 BTUs per cord
  • Northern red oak, 24 BTUs per cord
  • Sugar maple, 24 BTUs per cord
  • White oak, 24 BTUs per cord
  • White ash, 23.6 BTUs per cord
  • Yellow birch, 21.8 BTUs per cord
  • Red elm, 21.6 BTUs per cord
  • Hackberry, 20.8 BTUs per cord
  • Kentucky coffee tree, 20.8 BTUs per cord
  • Gray birch, 20.3 BTUs per cord
  • Paper birch, 20.3 BTUs per cord
  • White birch, 20.2 BTUs per cord
  • Black walnut, 20 BTUs per cord
  • Cherry, 20 BTUs per cord
  • Green ash, 19.9 BTUs per cord
  • Black cherry, 19.5 BTUs per cord
  • American elm, 19.5 BTUs per cord
  • White elm, 19.5 BTUs per cord
  • Sycamore, 19.1 BTUs per cord
  • Black ash, 18.7 BTUs per cord
  • Red maple, 18.1 BTUs per cord

What Type Of Wood Is Best For Pizza Ovens


Fruitwoods are suitable for cooking pizza because they infuse some flavor. Use only select fruitwoods because not all of them burn hot. Mix these woods with hardwoods like oaks for optimum heat levels. This also prevents overpowering the aromatic flavor.


 Are hardy and beautiful trees that create wood that is perfect for cooking. The same wood that makes maple syrup can also provide a mild, sweet flavor to your food when you cook with it. The aroma and flavor will be beautiful too!

Maple is mainly used because of its sweet flavor and slight smokiness. The amount of sap in this wood varies from soft and hard maple. It produces moderate flavor, which is good for pizza. But its one of lower BTUS of woods for pizza ovens.


Cooking with oak wood is the pitmaster’s dream. White Oak ,Post Oak and Red   are unique for pit masters  and it is the definition of the classic American barbecue. Also used for whisky barrels, the meat retains a hint of vanilla reminiscent of a fine Kentucky bourbon.

Oak White Or Red burns for a long time with a mild aroma making it a very popular wood option. It also burns cleanly with little smoke. I like oak becuase its readily availble and I use a local company who makes all types of cuts and sizes . Using diferent size custs thickness and length make fire managment easy so here is link to a great company


Hickory is mainly used for smoking meat because it burns over prolonged cooking periods. It can be used to cook pizza in ovens that do not need excess heat. Hickory and oak are used together because of their slow burn rate. he bark is “thin and reddish brown at first but eventually becoming grayish with deep fissures and thick ridges,” and “mesquite wood makes excellent fuel as it burns evenly with a hot flame and leaves behind good coals. For cooking, mesquite imparts a distinctive and delicious flavor rivaled only by hickory.”


Pecan is similar to hickory and cooks the best pizza. It gives the pizza a nutty flavor even though it does not burn like hickory. This wood should be paired with apple or oak, which burns longer.


Alder is among the birch tree family and is excellent for people who like slightly sweet flavors. In addition, it produces light smoke making it ideal for cooking chicken, fish, vegetables, and sausages. Burns a little faster tan oak but makes a nice flame


Applewood gives the most unique flavor and is the best to use in your homemade pizza oven. It burns at higher temperatures, and the flavor sweetens the pizza as well as a great aromatic experience for your guests .


The bark is “thin and reddish brown at first but eventually becoming grayish with deep fissures and thick ridges,” and “mesquite wood makes excellent fuel as it burns evenly with a hot flame and leaves behind good coals. For cooking, mesquite imparts a distinctive and delicious flavor rivaled only by hickory.”

Mesquite is also one of the woods that burn fast and hot. Its flavor is heavy, distinctive, and makes your pizza highly flavored. Therefore, it should be used sparingly because its flavor may overpower the food’s flavor.

What Type Of Wood Is Best For Pizza Ovens?

When choosing wood to cook pizza, avoid using painted, laminated or pressure-heated woods and pine . These woods have toxic chemicals that can ruin your food. Also, woods with higher sap content produce excess soot within your oven.

Quatro Stagione from NY Brick Oven Co at Goodfellas on Hylan

Top 5 ways to succeed in the pizza industry.

There are several areas that are key to success and while all these areas are important any one is not the end all and be all to a successful formula. I’m sure you can think of that local chain that has the worst pizza in town and yet you see their delivery vehicles everywhere you go.
My own personal mystery was a pizza place in Brooklyn that was run by a guy with no personality that I am sure inspired the soup Nazi years later with his disrespect and rudeness to his customers. Aside from the pizza makers smoking while they made pizza, he would tell you to eat the unburnt part of the pie if you dared to complain.
How about the places that are so far off the beaten path you need a guide to find them or better yet they have no name on the joint? You can’t make this stuff up but it gives one hope that there is room for all of us to succeed.
I want to qualify this as my own personal opinion from working with, knowing and visiting with hundreds of pizza men and women all over the country. By no means is this THE BIBLE OF PIZZA or to be taken as law but it will give you a pretty good idea of what to concern yourself with if your new to the game, stale or in deep trouble.

  1. Location, Location, Location-the best way is to be the only game in town or be in a tourist location where there are no other options available or the ones available are of no consequence due to being very expensive or a different and specialized category like a fish house.  Some the most successful places specialized in malls, theme parks, schools, military bases or small town USA.


  1. Make the best pizza known to man or there about. If you are making a really top notch product people will find you and not only that, people will talk. Word of mouth is the best advertising it has been said. The reason for this is that people will trust the opinion of friends and family over silly unfounded claims of the best pizza in town and such advertised in the local paper.


  1. Be unique. Examples of this are everywhere but they may not seem apparent. Like making a Chicago pie where there never was one, having a wood burning brick oven, using insects as a topping or having a pizza drive through like OL Jose’s in Pineville West Virginia where they are using a revolving brick oven.


  1. Be a social maniac. Take pride in being part of your community. Before there was social media, there were social men and women. These wonderful people actually cared about the people they met and considered customers as friends to share joys and sorrows with. One very moving example of this is when people would come to Goodfella’s Pizza in Staten Island on their way home from work in the days after 911 just to get out of the house and be with people who cared in a friendly and safe environment. There are many examples I can think of; like the guy who coaches the local little league, the girl who hosts local heroes with pizza parties, the place that supports boy scouts, the place that sponsors Special Olympics or the guys that collect donations for slices to feed the homeless. There are so many ways to build good will in a community and give back while earning respect and loyalty that I could write a book about it but you get the idea.


  1. Service. Run a tight ship that gives service and shows genuine care for the customer’s experience. I don’t know about you but when I am ignored, the host is not pleasant, the server acts like he is doing me a favor, the table is dirty when I am seated or my unfamiliarity with ordering and the menu is treated with impatience, you have lost me, and more importantly, any future income my patronage may have brought. This may seem like a given but if you are not on top of this and setting a good example for your crew it will never happen. A little thing like a smile or help and directions can go a long way in building a relationship with your customers. One terrible example I won’t forget was having my little daughter with me in a new town when she had to use a bathroom so we walked into a place and we were treated so rudely I swore I would never visit that place. I understand the old “Bathrooms are for paying customers” routine but sometimes being human and having discretion can earn you a great deal of loyalty. In other words, if it isn’t costing you anything to be kind-always be kind. Believe it or not but this also includes salesmen wasting your time. Those salesmen are not only people but potential customers with family and friends that also eat.

While no list will guarantee your success, if you follow these points your odds will greatly be increased and if you earnestly follow point 5 you will contribute to a better world by treating your fellow citizens with courtesy. Happy pizza my friend and best wishes.

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Brick Ovens Wood Fired Gas

Brick Ovens Wood Fired Gas They Both Rock!

What makes a brick oven great and cook so well. Faster cooking time – Because of the high heat stored in the dense walls, the brick oven is designed to cook pizza very quickly. … Better crust – At such high temperatures, the radiant heat from the fire and the heat bouncing off the inside walls of the oven crisps the outside of the pizza very quickly and creates an amazing cooking environment.

Pizza lovers are all about gourmet pizza and something better than the chain pizza that has plagued the market for years. It’s time to get out there and put your best foot forward and create an amazing pizza.

Brick Ovens Wood Fired

Amazing Pizza

Artisan Pizza

The artisan pizza community today has so many facets gurus and experts that there does not seem to be any right or wrong when it comes to artisan-style pizza! The toppings vary widely; fresh mozzarellas all types of cheeses, meats vegetables, and gourmet sauces. Even the dough and tomatoes have become an art from sourdough starters to fine-milled Italian floors and crips high gluten American flours. Who ages the dough 4 days?  who says  3 days?  who says 60% percent hydration who says 70%. All these wild variables, but one thing they have in common is a brick oven with high heat that will achieve the desired effect.


So make great pizza use the best ingredients you can find. Cook hot and fast and you will win your customer’s hearts and soles.

Brick Ovens Wood Fired



Neapolitan Pizzas

NY Brick oven Co.

IMG 3427

Discover Commercial Brick Ovens

Commercial brick ovens are evolving and now revolving.

Brick Façade Wood Gas Inferno

To be competitive in the brick oven pizza market you need a great commercial brick oven. What constitutes a great commercial brick oven you may wonder. Well there are only a few criteria when it comes to pizza equipment. Regardless if you have a fast casual pizza franchise, pizza chain, pub, bar, brewery, mom and pop, or mega entertainment center, the needs are same. 

First and foremost is durability.  The NY Brick oven Company has designed their ovens to be durable under tremendous production. Forged steel deck support and burner-not tin or a whole the oven floor. Heavy firebrick made of a specialty Italian Lava Stone with high thermal mass. Simple user friendly components such as American favorite-Honeywell.  

Second comes a world class product.  Champion pizza men from all over the US choose these ovens for their consistent and predictable baking quality. Even The Pizza School of NY trains future pizza champions on these ovens because they are that good! 

Third is consistency. This is achieved by several factors. The revolving or rotating deck allows the pizza to be  heated evenly and baked perfectly because it is constantly rotating at an even pace and the brick oven deck is being reheated as it goes. This virtually eliminated the inherent hot and cold spots of a fixed deck oven. Also in a conventional brick oven the surface of the deck around the fire or gas source is unusable because it gets too hot. This is does not happen with revolving deck brick oven. 

Fourth and equally important is the ease of operation and training involved in using the revolving or rotator brick oven. Because the pizza revolves you do not need to use long pizza peels to load or remove your pizza. You just place them in as it turns. You do not have to reach deep into a hot oven and you don’t have to constantly rotate and move your pizzas to get an even bake. This equates to an incredible amount of saving of both time and $$$ because you don’t need skilled labor to work the oven and your pizza man can place pies in the oven and get back to making more. 

Fifth is speed of delivery of your brick oven pizza. The NY Brick Oven Company set the world record at Pizza Expo with one of there ovens with an incredible 200 pizzas in 50 minutes

Food Presentation for Pizza

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Learn About Commercial Revolving Brick Ovens

Commercial Revolving Brick Ovens. If you’re looking for a commercial revolving brick oven we have your high production solution. We offer many solutions for perfect pizza production that will help you make consistent pizza and save labor.

Commercial Revolving Brick Ovens         Wood-Gas Revolving Ovens For The Ultimate Production Whether you are looking for a gas fire or wood-fired oven we offer multiple options and sizes. From custom tiled ovens to facade-ready ovens all available in multiple sizes to fit your exact needs. We even do high production mobile ovens that will rock your pizza world!

Commercial Revolving Brick Ovens

We also offer our facade ready ovens and custom tiled dome ovens to be built on-site. This means we can install our facade ready oven through any standard commercial doorway.

How fast can you cook a pizza?

Well, it depends on your style but you can cook Neopolitan Pizza in as fast as 90 seconds!

What about production?  200 pies per hour!

Check our video out!

Call Us Today To Discuss Your Oven Needs And Any Questions You May Have.

                Speak To A Consultant Now 1800 683-6053

And Check Out The World  Famous Pizza School Of New York The Only One On One Pizza Training And Complete Pizza Consulting Services.

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Starting a Brick Oven Pizza Place

best pizza brick ovens

  Starting a brick oven pizza place begins with a dream. You wake up one day and say ” hey I think I’d like to start a pizza place”. Maybe you have business experience and maybe you don’t, but either way, you have to go through a similar thought process. Different people have different motivations but it comes down to a few basic commercial pizza motivations. First and usually the one that drives most entrepreneurs is the idea of having my own business and working for myself. Then comes I can make a lot of money followed by I can make a great product and make a name for myself. Depending on who you are and what type of person you are, any of these motivations can get you started. Your own drive, motivation, perseverance will determine how far you get. Remember this-YOU CAN”T FAIL IF YOU DON”T QUIT! Sounds awfully simple but it is a basic truth in life. That being said how do you get started? Different people have different ideas on this and a lot depends on your access to capital but unless you are taking over an existing business that is successful you will have to make a few decisions. What kind of pizza will I be making? This is a personal choice of course but it may be in your best interest to see what people like in your area or what they are lacking. What type of place will it be? Fast-casual with no table service? Dine-in? Delivery? Perhaps a combination of them. Then comes deciding how large of a place your pizza concept needs. Once you decide that there comes the reality of what is available and what type of location is it.  Is it a stand-alone, strip mall, gas station, or part of a brewery, pub, or bar? Is it a destination location or in a high traffic area? Once that is done next comes figuring out your build costs, equipment choice, insurance, etc. Then come your finance, leasing or buying the place and getting to work! 

New York Brick Oven Co. With Pizza and Oven

Pizza Consistency

BrickovenMag Ad2

Consistent pizza is key is to return customer success. One of the things that was hard to do  with a regular fixed deck brick oven has been overcome with the revolving or rotator brick oven of the NY Brick oven Co. Because a regular brick oven floor is stationary you can’t help but get uneven heating and bake times. In fact the the hot spots and cold spots if not expertly handled(expensive labor) make it virtually impossible to have the same product pizza to pizza, worker to worker.

Now with the revolving deck brick oven you get an oven that is easy to operate(cheap labor). Because the floor turns, all the cooking surface is usable and brigs the pizza around to the pizza-man.  He no longer has to reach deep into the oven. Besides that he doesn’t have to continually turn each pizza. That gives you a very consistent bake from pizza to pizza and operator to operator. This also relieves the dreaded fade of having the floor get cold in spots because now it is constantly turning and being reheated.  That is why both the fast casual and the mom and pops are reaching for the Inferno series oven.

Kuma AA 017 red ferrari fire Tiles

Commercial Pizza Oven

Commercial Pizza Oven?  We are the industry leader.

When your looking for the correct comercail pizza oven the revolving brick oven is the soulution .

In the past, most pizza places were content with the standard metal door deck oven and it’s 8-12 minute bake time. But a commercial r pizza oven that revolves  have changed everything . Speed and quality have taken the foreground in the pizza game.  If your just a place with a slow pace or maybe limited delivery you can see that the movement towards “a better pizza” has come full circle. You can say it’s the brick oven revolution!

Gourmet pizza production

No longer is it enough to just open a can of sauce and dump it on a pre-made shell with low-quality cheese and toss it in a deck oven and wait.  The pizza buying public has been educated and it has much higher expectations of its pizza makers.  Not only do they expect more but the recent trend in brick ovens has created an unpresedent demand for quality pizza


Back in the 90’s many people started moving into the artisan pizza market with its main tool of the trade-the brick oven. Unfortunately, this required skilled pizza makers and high $$$ salaries to keep them along with a very long training runway for that type of wood-burning fixed deck commercial pizza oven.

Comercail Pizza Ovens Pizza could be baked at a much higher temperature but fixed deck brick ovens did have several drawbacks. The main was was consistency due to hot and cold spots on the oven surface and proximity to the fire.  This was compounded by the dreaded “oven fade”  which happened when too many cold doughs were placed in the same spot on the cooking surface. Along with too hot of a surface from not monitoring the fire correctly. This is a serious challenge and training issue.

Fortunately, all the drawbacks of commercial pizza ovens have been handled by the NY Brick oven Company’s Revolving Deck gas and wood-fired commercial brick ovens that are ETL approved for the US and Canada.

World Record Production

These ovens have produced World Record 200 pizzas in 50 minutes at Pizza Expo.  Because the deck revolves there are virtually no hot spots or cold spots. Each pizza is consistent. It takes minutes to train your pizza maker!  Training an expert pizza cooker s on a fixed deck brick oven to be skilled. Add to this to the labor savings of a revolving brick oven and you can see why speed, consistency, ease of operation and labor savings make the revolving brick oven the only choice for commercial pizza ovens. The Worlds Best Ovens

Commercial Pizza Oven


Starting A Pizza Restaurant

Come Train With The World Champions  The Pizza School Of New York


The Pizza School Tv Show

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