What do Successful Pizza Makers have in Common?

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What do Successful Pizza Makers have in Common?

Well here are some students of the Goodfella’s Pizza School New York that use the New York Brick Oven Company’s revolving Brick Oven:

More Champions from the Goodfella’s Pizza School NY

Brick Ovens For Sale12Since 1992, Goodfella’s Pizza School of Staten Island NY has been training the finest pizza makers across the World.  Today June 13, students from such varying places as Northern Kentucky, Dodge City Kansas, Wyoming and Saratoga NY shared their success with the operators (of Goodfella’s Pizza School) Andrew Scudera and Scot Cosentino within and hour. “It’s no surprise that former students are successful and have won best in state in many areas such as Ohio, Tennessee and even a world Champion from Canada but when four in one day contact you, you have to feel proud of your accomplishments and being able to help others succeed” said Andrew Scudera who runs the school.

Perfect Brick Oven Pizza

The best pizza from the revolving brick ovens

Today’s champions are: Wayne Cherry from Saratoga NY who won “The Best of Saratoga Region” Best Pizza 2018 Award.  Dodge City Brewing who won “The Best of the Best Dodge City” Best Pizza Award 2018 and Strong’s Pizza who won the Northern Kentucky Magazine Best Pizza Award 2018 and Fire House Pizza in Wyoming.  and Yes, they all use Revolving Brick Ovens From the New York Brick Oven Co.

Contact Scot Cosentino or

Andrew Scudera at Goodfella’s Pizza School Staten Island NY

1718 Hylan Blvd, S.I. N.Y 10305


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