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Why Do Brick Ovens Bake The Perfect Italian-Style Pizza?

A crunchy crust flecked with dark spots — traces left by a burning hot oven — characterizes the quintessential Italian pizza, whether it’s Neapolitan or Roman. The toppings are boiling hot, and the dough is airy, moist, and flexible. Brick ovens bake Italian Style Pizza to perfection. Home cooks have been attempting to make it in home ovens for years, it’s not the same.


Quatro Stagione from NY Brick Oven Co at Goodfellas on Hylan

Top 5 ways to succeed in the pizza industry.

There are several areas that are key to success and while all these areas are important any one is not the end all and be all to a successful formula. I’m sure you can think of that local chain that has the worst pizza in town and yet you see their delivery vehicles everywhere you go.
My own personal mystery was a pizza place in Brooklyn that was run by a guy with no personality that I am sure inspired the soup Nazi years later with his disrespect and rudeness to his customers. Aside from the pizza makers smoking while they made pizza, he would tell you to eat the unburnt part of the pie if you dared to complain.
How about the places that are so far off the beaten path you need a guide to find them or better yet they have no name on the joint? You can’t make this stuff up but it gives one hope that there is room for all of us to succeed.
I want to qualify this as my own personal opinion from working with, knowing and visiting with hundreds of pizza men and women all over the country. By no means is this THE BIBLE OF PIZZA or to be taken as law but it will give you a pretty good idea of what to concern yourself with if your new to the game, stale or in deep trouble.

  1. Location, Location, Location-the best way is to be the only game in town or be in a tourist location where there are no other options available or the ones available are of no consequence due to being very expensive or a different and specialized category like a fish house.  Some the most successful places specialized in malls, theme parks, schools, military bases or small town USA.


  1. Make the best pizza known to man or there about. If you are making a really top notch product people will find you and not only that, people will talk. Word of mouth is the best advertising it has been said. The reason for this is that people will trust the opinion of friends and family over silly unfounded claims of the best pizza in town and such advertised in the local paper.


  1. Be unique. Examples of this are everywhere but they may not seem apparent. Like making a Chicago pie where there never was one, having a wood burning brick oven, using insects as a topping or having a pizza drive through like OL Jose’s in Pineville West Virginia where they are using a revolving brick oven.


  1. Be a social maniac. Take pride in being part of your community. Before there was social media, there were social men and women. These wonderful people actually cared about the people they met and considered customers as friends to share joys and sorrows with. One very moving example of this is when people would come to Goodfella’s Pizza in Staten Island on their way home from work in the days after 911 just to get out of the house and be with people who cared in a friendly and safe environment. There are many examples I can think of; like the guy who coaches the local little league, the girl who hosts local heroes with pizza parties, the place that supports boy scouts, the place that sponsors Special Olympics or the guys that collect donations for slices to feed the homeless. There are so many ways to build good will in a community and give back while earning respect and loyalty that I could write a book about it but you get the idea.


  1. Service. Run a tight ship that gives service and shows genuine care for the customer’s experience. I don’t know about you but when I am ignored, the host is not pleasant, the server acts like he is doing me a favor, the table is dirty when I am seated or my unfamiliarity with ordering and the menu is treated with impatience, you have lost me, and more importantly, any future income my patronage may have brought. This may seem like a given but if you are not on top of this and setting a good example for your crew it will never happen. A little thing like a smile or help and directions can go a long way in building a relationship with your customers. One terrible example I won’t forget was having my little daughter with me in a new town when she had to use a bathroom so we walked into a place and we were treated so rudely I swore I would never visit that place. I understand the old “Bathrooms are for paying customers” routine but sometimes being human and having discretion can earn you a great deal of loyalty. In other words, if it isn’t costing you anything to be kind-always be kind. Believe it or not but this also includes salesmen wasting your time. Those salesmen are not only people but potential customers with family and friends that also eat.

While no list will guarantee your success, if you follow these points your odds will greatly be increased and if you earnestly follow point 5 you will contribute to a better world by treating your fellow citizens with courtesy. Happy pizza my friend and best wishes.


Faster Better Pizza Now

Fast Casual for the Wild West

New York Brick Company gaining speed as it emerges as the leader in Pizza Wild West

Looking For Faster Better Pizza Now? Every pizza man knows that dreaded back up that occurs during the peak hours of business. These hours may vary but usually, it is lunch hour, dinner, weekends and holidays. Those are the times you wish you had more than one or 2 ovens. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way.

You can get as much as 2 -4 times your production of a conventional deck oven from a rotating oven. Not only that but the higher temperature of a brick oven that combines wood and gas fire makes it consistent too. Having the stone move around instead of having to reach into the oven makes it easier to work too. Just Imagine no skilled labor needed and quality pies, one after the other.  Versatility is another great benefit of the rotator brick oven. You can cook Pizza, Bread, Chicken, Steak, and Just About Anything You Can Cook In A Traditional Oven But Better!

You can bake different types of pies at the same time such as the classic fresh mozzarella brick oven style and the NY style with shredded cheese. Unlike a conveyor oven, you don’t have to rely on waiting to see if two different types of pizza are cooked because you can see your pizza bake and take them out one at a time in a revolving oven.  There are countless benefits to using a revolving brick-oven but speed and consistency are the ones that make you more money.

So Remember when it’s time to get Serious

   Call The New York Brick Oven Company 1800 683-6059.

 If Your Looking To Master The Art  The Pizza School Of New York Is The Place Where It All Begins      Pizza School Of New York

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How Pizza Men Help-Goodfella’s Pizza New York

How Pizza Men Help-Goodfella’s Pizza New York

3 Time World Champion Pizza Men thank the Staten Island New York community for allowing them to be of Service for 22 Years

Goodfella’s Brick Oven Pizza of Staten New York is celebrating 22 year of service to the people of New York at their original location on Hylan Boulevard in Staten Island. Founded by former NYPD sergeant Marc Cosentino and his brother Scot with native Staten Islander Andrew Scudera an Eagle Scout and partner, the men have put the amazing amount of press, news articles, TV, magazine and radio interviews to good use with the unyielding support of loyal customers. “ Our philosophy of treating everyone like family and helping whenever possible has helped form an army of volunteers and moreover helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for people in need and community groups,business men” said Andrew Scudera. One of the more recent events was Hurricane Sandy and their response despite suffering tens of thousands of dollars in equipment and supply losses. “We were flooded and without power for over a week but we got it under control, began the clean with help from our friends and started using our wood fired brick oven to cook for our neighbors while we recovered ourselves”. What did that equate to? Facebook requests and calls for donations to get a tractor trailer set up in the parking lot with supplies, volunteers flooding in from around the country, NYPD and NYFD first responders, teachers, housewives, contractors, students, religious groups, veterans and family members amounting to hundreds strong including the former head of the NYC Detectives Union and a Marine Captain just back from Afghanistan running logistics. “Seeing the desperate state of my friends and customers who were literally left with the shirt on their backs was motivation to work for up to 18 hours a day for months coordinating and aligning efforts between the Mayors office, Red Cross, Churches, VFW, Bikers, Occupy Wall Street( changed to Occupy Sandy), NYPD, Tunnel to Towers, Gyon Rescue, The Marine Corp League and countless people who worked tirelessly behind the scenes despite personal hardships” said Marc Cosentino. “Us Foods dropped off a trailer of ingredients to get things rolling when supply lines were cut, locbusinessmenbrought food and supplies to donate, the International Association of Scientologists gave us a $30,000 dollar donation to help feed and house the out of town volunteers and provide supplies, the Pentecostal church run by a former New York City Transit Captain became another storage and distribution center along with setting up sleeping quarters for the ever growing group of out of state volunteers, housewives with their infants in car seats were preparing meals and going house to house in the cold and dark to feed the hungry. The Marine Corp League brought out a monster truck and set up a huge supply tent to receive and distribute food and supplies. The volunteers were working without complaint under very tough conditions gutting houses and running supplies day and night. Many times the overwhelming humanity of it all was hard to bear” added Scot. But they were no strangers to making it go right despite the horrendous situation. 911 was a big wake up call, the country was attacked and Goodfella’s went to work 24 hours a day the first weeks running food up to ground zero and supplying food daily to workers at the Staten Island dump going through the debris, despite a drastic cut in business and no financial support resulting in tremendous financial stress later on down the line for months to come. “The money didn’t matter when your friends and co-workers have been murdered and the only way you can help is cook. We started to see the return from our customers and friends that would stop by to thank us and just be part of the effort. It takes a lot of people to coordinate and deliver that amount of food besides the time involved to get to these locations” said Marc. Goodfella’s provided a place to “arrest people” and hold the customers hostage handcuffed to the chairs to raise $10,000 for the Jerry Lewis Muscular dystrophy foundation. They catered the Presidential Yacht in DC to help raise money for the 911 fund. Not only that but Goodfella’s has done fund raising for dine out for hunger, toy drives with United States Marines, hosted autistic children each week making pizza boxes for therapy, donated to bazaars, charity drives, local churches, schools, bowling teams, little league and even arranged to give away 1000 slices of pizza and 1000 cokes at the Staten Island Ferry as a thank you to the people of Staten Island-sadly after all the TV, radio and newspaper coverage announcing the free pizza the ferry crashed with catastrophic results. Goodfella’s gave all the food to rescue workers responding to the scene. The care and help they provide is evident in any one act but when you add up the week in and week out donations to local events, food prep for charities and kids over the last 22 years, the amount of help is staggering. “The message is thank you to all our customers who have been unsung heroes behind the scenes, none of this could happen without you and every little act ads up and helps someone.” Andrew said with a note of encouragement. Please share this be sure to stop by the original Goodfella’s on Hylan Boulevard when you are in town.

Brick Ovens For Sale19

Brick Oven Revolution

The “Gold Rush” is on and the hat spot is Fast Casual Pizza. With new contenders joining the game weekly and plenty of room to grow it seems there is a big future for correctly executed concepts. The need for good hearty food served in a friendly environment at reasonable cost ensures pizza will always have a place in America. Regardless if your a trained chef making exotic gourmet pizza, a simple pizza man making a traditional pizza or any where in between, the key is always being able to deliver a fresh, hot product at a viable rat of speed to handle your rush. The rush is usually those few hours on a Friday and Saturday night, when hopefully all hell breaks loose and the demand is impossible to keep up with. The rush is where places are made and unmade. Disappointed customers put on hold because your oven can’t keep up or slows down will put a bad taste in your patrons mouth and the cost of losing local weekly customers adds up quickly over the course of a year. Your line must be organized and your oven quick like the revolving ovens in the concepts such as Revolve, Spin, Goodfella’s and Pizza Locale’. These operators know that a great product is essential but getting it out fast makes all the difference in the world of pizza survival. Don’t get caught in the dust by using a conventional fixed deck brick oven. Call 1-800-oven-053 now!


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