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Starting a Brick Oven Pizza Place

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  Starting a brick oven pizza place begins with a dream. You wake up one day and say ” hey I think I’d like to start a pizza place”. Maybe you have business experience and maybe you don’t, but either way, you have to go through a similar thought process. Different people have different motivations but it comes down to a few basic commercial pizza motivations. First and usually the one that drives most entrepreneurs is the idea of having my own business and working for myself. Then comes I can make a lot of money followed by I can make a great product and make a name for myself. Depending on who you are and what type of person you are, any of these motivations can get you started. Your own drive, motivation, perseverance will determine how far you get. Remember this-YOU CAN”T FAIL IF YOU DON”T QUIT! Sounds awfully simple but it is a basic truth in life. That being said how do you get started? Different people have different ideas on this and a lot depends on your access to capital but unless you are taking over an existing business that is successful you will have to make a few decisions. What kind of pizza will I be making? This is a personal choice of course but it may be in your best interest to see what people like in your area or what they are lacking. What type of place will it be? Fast-casual with no table service? Dine-in? Delivery? Perhaps a combination of them. Then comes deciding how large of a place your pizza concept needs. Once you decide that there comes the reality of what is available and what type of location is it.  Is it a stand-alone, strip mall, gas station, or part of a brewery, pub, or bar? Is it a destination location or in a high traffic area? Once that is done next comes figuring out your build costs, equipment choice, insurance, etc. Then come your finance, leasing or buying the place and getting to work! 

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Brick Oven Pizza Training Made Easy

Brick oven pizza training made easy with the NY Brick Oven Company’s revolving brick ovens. Yes you can find a skilled and expensive pizza maker and hope that he can over come his own ego and train your staff to do it right. Another alternative is that you can learn the art of working a standard fixed deck brick oven yourself(which takes months) and then teach your staff yourself(which takes months).

Better yet you can get yourself a revolving or rotating brick oven that is either gas or gas and wood fired and save the time and headaches. It’s easy to train people on the revolving brick oven for several reasons.  Ease of operation, training, cost effectiveness and consistency are the main reasons for choosing an Inferno Revolving Brick oven when choosing your pizza equipment.

Let’s look at ease of operation. Having the cooking surface constantly revolving allows you to drop the pie right in front of you and pick it up right in front of you. No more long pizza peels and reaching into the oven for a good spot. No more hot spots and cold spots due to uneven heating. No more loss of cooking surface all around your fire.

Training is as easy as having  your new pizza oven man look a the pie and take it out when it is done. No more constant shuffling the pies around and spinning them to get an even bake.

Cost saving is simple-not having to be stuck to the oven your pizza man can make pizza while the pies bake.

Consistency comes from having a consistent baking temperature, not having to constantly rotate the pies in the oven and having a steady temperature to bake on because the stone is constantly turning and being heated.

Once you look at all these aspects, the reduced costs, the reduced complaints and a world class pizza you too will decide that is a life saver and the only way to go!


Revoling Brick Oven Buffalo

Revolving Brick Ovens-The Smart Choice for Fast Casual Pizza

Having worked with dozens of Fast Casual Pizza concepts (from well established to start ups) it has become painfully obvious to me that after you create a catchy design and brand image your next major obstacle is to have a fantastic pizza that can be assembled and cooked in a very fast and consistent manor. For speed of production and a consistent bake the revolving brick oven outperforms any old fixed deck oven and makes it fool proof to boot. How is that? The revolving brick oven will out cook an oven with same size cooking surface by at least 2 to 1 in terms of speed. The revolving oven is consistent and does not require constant shifting of the pizza and moving it around the surface for an even bake. The revolving oven maintains consistent cooking surface temperature and the entire surface can utilized unlike a conventional oven which loses surface area because you can’t cook close to the fire. That is exactly why the hot new concepts are “Joining the Revolution” and purchasing revolving brick ovens from the New York Brick Oven Company.

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There is Nothing Better than Having a Top-notch Pizza-Man as a Little Brother

When your brother is a World Champion pizza maker and says ” hey, I made you a pie” you listen. When it is lunch time and it’s one of your favorites, you really listen. I find that anything you have on a daily basis and is always available to you seems to be taken for granted. Once in a while you snap into the moment and realize just how lucky you are. Today was one of those moments. We have pizza everyday. Not just some “pizza” but a truly good pizza made with fresh mozzarella, handmade dough, a fantastic sauce and cooked in a revolving, wood burning brick oven to boot. Pizza people from all over the world, some of them pizza royalty, come by to say hello, shoot the breeze and enjoy talking pizza over a fresh  hot pie. I take it for granted most of the time but when my little brother told me he made a pie today it hit home. I realized how truly lucky I am to have my brother beside me every day, working with me, creating with me and enjoying this mixed bag of tricks called life. I want to take a moment to say “thank you Scot for that great pizza and thanks for being my brother.


The Most Sought after Brick Oven

When you really need to cook with fire in a stone hearth brick oven and only the best will do-call the New York Brick Oven Company. Decades of experience cooking the finest pizza in brick ovens and owning and operating many pizza restaurants makes them uniquely qualified to answer your questions and help you decide on the best oven for your concept. Not only that but they welcome you to come and cook with them in a  world famous working NY restaurant and try it yourself under real world conditions.


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Its not just  about making pizza,  we make an incredible combination of dishes  in our ovens. Breads, fish, steaks, chicken, vegetables, and of-course great pizza. The Brick oven can cook anything you can think of  only better and faster! So if you want an oven that can do it all, that’s what we offer.  Custom brick ovens, grills ,  revolving brick ovens what ever you need give us a call and we will be glad to discuss your project! www.brickovensforsale.com

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Explore Our Commercial Brick Ovens

This is one of the latest coal fired brick ovens. It has a custom facade installed by our team as well. If you looking to create great pizza, and have an amazing coal fired brick oven that will out cook any oven with ease of operation.  We custom build ovens world wide. Wood Fired, Coal, Gas, or any multi fuel oven that you can think of. If your looking for a revolving oven we have them too. They are the best ovens on the planet. Ease of operation perfect products every time. Why depend upon employees for perfection when your oven can do it every time. No sick days no problems just great pizza!!!


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