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Revolving Wood Fired Brick Ovens

Why Our Revolving Wood Fired Brick Ovens Are The Best Options For Your Operation.

There are many options availble on the market today from deck ovens to tradional brick ovens. They all have thier selling points and purpose. But our revolving wood fired brick ovens are the best option when it comes to artisan pizza labor savings and high production.

Revolving Wood Fired Brick Ovens

              Red and White Tiled Cupola  Oven

We offer many options from custom tiled dome “Cupola” ovens to our facede ready options. This way our clients can have the perfect finish and look for thier operation.

Build on site options avilable.

There are many situations where getting an oven into a location can just be  impossible. That is why we offer a build on site option for most of our ovens.  Our facade ready ovens can be installed through any 36” door way. Custom Dome tiled ovens can also be installed as well.

Pizza Trainging and Consulting Options.

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World Champion Pizza Maker Andrew Scudera 

We offer complete pizza training and consulting . Call for details and we will show you how to make world class pizza!

Test Kitchen

Come test drive one of our ovens ! Come spend the day making pizza with your recipie or ours. We will show you how to make some of the greatest pizza, calzones and bread with our world champion pizz team.


Venting and Technical Questions 

We offer frees venting layouts and discount pricing on all venting and pizza oven fans. Direct vent solutions from Duravent.  Call for your free quote to fay we off the best service and pricing for all your project needs.

Check Out Some of Our Options For   Revolving Wood Fired Brick Ovens!



Scot Cosentino winning Worlds Best Pizza for the Original Goodfellas Hylan Blvd. Staten Island NY 300x300 1

Brick Oven Pizza Success Story

Brick Oven Pizza Success StoryHere is another Brick Oven Pizza success story, this time from Florida.

Bob Catoro said ” My place in Florida is doing great we have a full house almost every night”. We also get fantastic reviews from the local newspapers regularly . I really never thought that I would be this successful. Honestly I didn’t know a thing about pizza before I met you guys at the pizza school.   I can’t say enough and I know I could not have done it with out them! They truly care and go out of their way to help people succeed . Andrew and Scot are incredible they helped me with everything i needed to get started from lay out to equipment and recipes!”

The Goodfella's Pizza School Goodfella’s Pizza School of NY

The Goodfella’s Pizza School of NY has been training successful Pizza makers from all over the world including state and world champions. Those same Champions swear by the the incredible high production, consistency and ease of operation from the Inferno series Revolving Brick Ovens from the NY Brick Oven Co.     

Why is there so much success?  First a and foremost, The crew from the New York Brick oven Company and the the Goodfella’s Pizza School of NY have decades of experience in all aspects of the pizza world.  From winning the World’s Best Pizza Title several times to owning and operating pizza restaurants around the country. Add to that incredible experience the fact they have personally consulted hundreds of restaurants helping owners Walk the path to Brick Oven Pizza Success!

Brick Oven Pizza Success Story       Why The Revolving Oven Helps Create Success

Ovens that create a consistent product at a very high rate of production without needing skilled labor are the key to success these days.  With the current lack of a SKILLED  labor  for the restaurant business it is now easier to train a person  to produce  a quality brick oven pizza.

Now you have a winning combination great pizza ovens and the best personal one on one training in the industry with world champion pizza makers.


Call Today We Are Here To Answer Any Questions

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Pizza Styles and Types

Pizza Styles and Types

NY Brick Oven Co. Inferno Series

Fast, consistent gourmet pizza! NY Brick Oven Co.

Pizza style traditionally was limited to New York Style Pizza which most of us know as the Giant slice from an 18” pie served at a walk up window or counter.  A great example was the scene in Saturday night fever where John Travolta grabs 2 slices from Lenny’s and places them on top of each other, folds them (as most New Yorkers will do) and then proceeds to strut down 86th street in Bensonhurst Brooklyn.  NY style pizza is usually a hand tossed dough of high gluten flour, sauce spread over the dough from a ladle and then covered with shredded mozzarella and a touch of grated Parmesan cheese. It is still the standard around the country by which most pizza is judged, and hundreds of places promote being NY Style pizza to this day. Then starting in the 1950’s it was emulated by the chains across the county who sold a lot of pizza but just didn’t get it right.

Meanwhile the old Italian Bread Ovens were being used at a couple places such as Grimaldi’s and Patsy’s in NY to make the original Margarita Brick oven pizza. Sadly, this was only available to a few insiders that lived near the local Italian bakery. This was later expanded on by places like the Original Goodfella’s Pizza on Hylan Blvd. Staten Island that brought excitement with things like the Vodka Pie, which became a national trend after they published the award-winning recipe.  Soon the national Brick oven Chains like Bertuccis and California Pizza Kitchen came on the scene giving a whole generation the chance to try Artisan pizza. This was great but only the tip of the iceberg once the internet and the Food Channel hit. Now everyone everywhere became educated on fine ingredients and the flavor of wood burning brick oven pizza. Not only that but places like the Goodfella’s Pizza School of New York and others began training world champion Pizza Makers that brought brick oven pizza to small town USA and around the world.

During this time, we can’t forget some of the regional pizza delights that burst on the scene with a bang. We had Chicago deep dish made famous around the country by Pizzeria Uno and the now rapidly gaining ground Detroit style pizza which has crispy bottom layer made in square pans. Now look at the incredible amount of wood fired chains popping up and you can see that the style and variety is about to go into hyper drive all to the delight of the pizza eating public!

Marc at Scots Backyard oven.

Pizza Place Top 10 List for Starting Your Own

Top 10 Reasons to  Open a Pizza Place? Now is the best time for a Start-Up Pizza Place and this is why:
#1 Recipes. There is an infinite amount of recipes available on the internet to choose from with sources like Google, Facebook, Youtube and celebrity chef TV, and the food network. Anyone with basic skills and desire can get online, look for the hottest trends, find a recipe and get busy. Why reinvent the wheel when you can easily what is popular in the food world and duplicate it?
#2  Restaurant type. You can easily take a look at all the different types of locations and layouts such as a slice joint, fast-casual or sit-down waiter service. You can also do some research and see if delivery and take out or even a brew pub-bar will fit in with your plans. Size of Piza Place and type of pizza will be a factor in determining if you do sit down, fast-casual pizza with an assembly line or just slices.
#3  Equipment. It has never been easier to see the different types of Pizza Place equipment being used in successful places than it is now. Currently, the hottest trend is hand-assembled brick oven style pizza with places like Revolve, Spin Neapolitan and Pie Craft leading the way with Revolving Brick Ovens and gourmet pizza. Pizza stations, walk-in boxes, and mixers such as the old reliable Hobart mixers are available new and used for the budget-minded along with tons of information on sizes, capacities along with industry comparisons.
#4  Finance. Today you can basically call up a company like Lease Corp Of America(LCA) fill out your application online and know virtually the same day if you are qualified for a loan. Those of us who remember having to make an appointment with a loan officer, fill out endless paperwork while being scrutinized within an in inch of your life under a microscope will attest that the process is light years from where it has been and tell you how lucky you are.
#5 Printing. This may seem like something too little to mention but with today’s digital media and the ability to do it all virtually online, there is an amazing amount of time, effort and money saved. In the old days, you would have to consult with a printer to make your deal on printing. Then you would have to consult with a graphic designer to do your layout and maybe even a specialized menu designed to help you. This took time, from appointments to initial design to a rough sketch. Then you would have to go back and forth on corrections as you finalized your idea. Once that was done you have to have it proofread and hope you and your proofreader caught all the errors. One error I fondly remember was at the First Goodfella’s Brick Oven Pizza on Staten Island. We were all set and made our first huge purchase of several hundred thousand menus for in house, mailing and door to door delivery but we all missed the “Ground Bee” instead of ground beef on the pizza menu. We laughed about it for a long time since we had to print so many menus to save a few dollars. Fortunately, you don’t have to got through that incredibly time-consuming operation today. Not only that but you can do it all from the comfort of your home and with computers, digital design, limited run printing options, cheap online graphic designers and still save time without taking the big risk of large runs.
#6 Staff. Hiring and finding employees is easier than ever. You don’t have hand a sign in the window and hope someone sees it or spend ridiculous amounts of money on classified ads in the local papers. Graig’s list will get you more applicants than you can shake a stick at in most areas.
#7 Promotion. Getting yourself known is easy and the internet makes it simple. Social media, websites, blogs and press releases will get you known and open the door to customers. If you do a great job with your product, service and presentation people will talk. Your signage, uniforms and design have a lot to do with this.  Yes people will talk so make sure you do it right from the start with all your ducks in a row and a great pizza. You can call the Pizza School of New York if you are not certain of your product.
#8 Marketing. Yes this is different from promoting yourself or your place. This is actually offering your product for sale by way of newspapers, social media, TV, Radio, mailings, door hangers and however else you can get your product in front of a potential customer and tell them to buy it.
#9 Location.
Pizza Place Pizza Start Up

Marc and Scot Cosentino standing in front of the first Goodfella’s Brick Oven Pizza Start-Up on Hylan Blvd. Staten Island

Location scouting for a Pizza Place can be done via many outlets now with many realtors competing for business. With the internet, emails and google earth you can even see a place from a street view and decide if it is even worth looking at before wasting your precious time.
#10 Training. With video, internet, Youtube, DropBox, etc. there are so many ways to present data to your staff, update recipes and procedures and keep everyone on the same page that even multiple locations become easier to manage when you get to that point.
Bonus Reason- Computerization. Point of sale order taking, inventory, ticket printing, and display have made management a great deal more organized. The systems can track best sellers integrate promotional items and sales while even tracking deliveries and scheduling orders of food or reminding you of upcoming catering or previously scheduled deliveries.
Of course, all these wonderful reasons for it being easier still require the entrepreneur to step into the ring and make his purpose known. My respect and admiration go to you my friends that make the attempt. I wish you the best of luck. Marc Cosentino
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Easy Brick Oven Baking

The Secret of  easy brick oven baking !  Once you know the secret, it’s very easy to bake pizza in a brick oven, but who has the time, training or place to learn? Now imagine if you are running a business, trying to juggle staff, inventory, customers, bills, marketing etc… You get the picture, now add training and overlooking a pizza man making your signature pies. Not easy by any stretch of the imagination but it happens to be exactly what many operators are doing on a continuing basis, especially if they are in a high staff turn over area such as a college town. Who wants to stop “everything”  everytime a pizza man quits to train someone the intricacies of working a brick oven-a skill that takes months to perfect with the best of them. The real secret of easy brick oven baking is the oven.

The Revolving Brick Oven and Easy Brick Oven Baking

Fortunately you no longer have to do this with the Revolving Brick Oven.  New York Brick Oven company can make your life easy with consistent, perfect brick oven pizza every time with an oven that takes no time at all to train on. Literally you train a person in minutes to cook perfect brick oven pizza!!!! Not only that but you can cross train your staff so that any one can jump in when needed and you are not left in the ditch because your expensive oven man doesn’t show up. Not only that but you do not have to have a pizza man stuck on the oven because with a conventional oven each pie has to be continually watched, rotated and turned to avoid burning or partially baking it. Not with a revolving brick oven, all you do is place it in and take it out when done leaving time to make the next pizza. So when you want an easy bake oven that can produce like a monster check out the New York Brick Oven Co.

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Brick Oven Artisan Pizza

Brick Oven artisan pizza.

Full Definition of artisan

  1. 1:  a worker who practices a trade or handicraft :  craftsperson

  2. 2:  one that produces something (as cheese or wine) in limited quantities often using traditional methods

True Brick Oven Artisan Pizza is a delight to both the eyes and the taste buds, it is also so wonderful to watch a true  artisan at work,  as he prepares his creations.

The fresh ingredients!

The fresh ingredients ,the dough baking in a brick oven has always  been oArtisan Pizza to me. Some  of my greatest pleasures and some of the reasons why I enjoyed coming to work each morning have been the hand rolling the dough balls, starting the fire in the brick oven, roasting the red peppers , sausage and the baking of the bread.

Something about the  quiet and repetitive actions of cutting , weighing and hand rolling each individual dough  ball was an almost  zen-like experience in an otherwise fast-paced and chaotic world. The warmth and crackle of the wood fire on a cold morning was comforting and made for a nice setting as the day’s employees would come in and have their first cup of fresh coffee. Once all the prep was done and the door unlocked our first customers of the day would arrive and the Artisan Pizza Making would begin. Hand tossing the dough, laying on the freshly made  mozzarella, chunky tomato sauce and some fresh basil with a sprinkle of Reggiano cheese. with the toppings of choice as it  went into the very hot oven. A couple minutes later you a had an epic yet very basic and simple  pizza fit for a king or a queen in the case of the original Margarita pizza.

I guess the  main point of  Brick Oven Artisan Pizza is in the definition provided at the top of this article. “Made by hand” and if there is one thing I would have included in that definition it would have been “made  with pride”. Happy pizza my friends.


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Adding Pizza To Your Concept

Adding Pizza To Your Concept

If you own a bar, pub,  restaurant or deli and have wondered how difficult it would be to add pizza to your concept. Or how much space you would need.  We have an answer for you. It’s easy and only requires a small space of about  70 square feet for a pizza station and the high production 85 bistro model from the New York Brick Oven Company. Fast, easy brick oven pizza from a one man show-wow! The 85 bistro model is the smallest high production commercial brick ovens on the market today.

Not only is the space requirements minimal,  but you can  also attend the Pizza School of New York and learn to make pizza with world champion pizza team .

Bottom Line Profits

The bottom line is your bottom line!  By adding pizza to your concept you can lower your food cost. Food cost for pizza is extremely low about 20% for a small bar pie made with fresh mozzarella. You can also make other items like garlic bread, wings appetizers of all sorts and calzones. All simple items all made fresh that can really refresh your concept !Keep Guest Happy and Get New Ones.

Something else to consider when adding brick oven pizza to your  concept. It’s a whole other income stream. You can also attract a  new base of customers! ,(who doesn’t love brick oven pizza today) and keep the bar patrons drinking longer. Or add pick up and delivery of pizza. the labor is low, the cooking process simple,  its a “no brainer” for added revenue and lower food cost.

Pizza School

Still intimidated? Well, don’t be!  You can become an expert pizza maker in four days at the Pizza School of New York. They also offer complete  consulting and design services .  No excuses. Make the decision and start making dough today. Call us , come cook with us, try the oven,   we are here to help you with whatever you need.

Call now to add pizza to your concept (718)  668- 2310

You will love what we do and we will be glad to answer any questions you have.

Good Luck with all you do!

Team Andrew 1

Brick Oven Pizza Craze!

It sure took a while but the brick oven pizza craze has surely caught on in the United States.As a result, you can now enter a brick oven pizza place in just about any state in America and order a pretty good pie. What sparked the rapid growth of great pizza? I would say it’s a combination of things (including the stars and the moon lining up just right) from  the internet,  to social media, such as Facebook, Pinterest, Blogs,  Twitter, cooking channels and  the evolving pallets of all the “foodies” The resulting education about what quality pizza is and that it can be made here  as well as in Italy if not better.

Fresh Pizza

Add to this the renewed interest in eating natural locally grown and prepared food, with a marked decline and desire for moms to feed their families prepackaged and chemically preserved foods. Or the fact that American are on the go all the time!  The stage is now set for a quick healthy food to step in.Decades ago you had some trail Blazers such California Pizza Kitchen on the West Coast with its new toppings like Pineapples and Avocados and Goodfella’s Brick Oven Pizza out of New York introducing new gourmet sauces like porcini mushroom, red cabbage or the World Famous Vodka Pie. “Back in those days a big part of the work was just getting people to try the fresh mozzarella, oven roasted peppers and the concept of pizza cooked in a brick oven. This pizza style  was a completely different style from  what was available twenty years ago ” Today pizza is better than ever and that makes me happy!

Building A Brick Oven

Revolving Brick Oven

The Revolving Brick Oven

Building brick ovens by hand was another daunting task at that time as well.  You had a handful of people building them and very few municipalities familiar with them for codes and building approvals. Not to mention the fact that there were only a handful of people trained in cooking with brick ovens.

All that has changed now. Brick Oven Pizza is a household term, gourmet pizza, exotic toppings, fresh homemade cheeses have almost become commonplace.  The Revolving Brick Ovens like the Inferno Series from the New York Brick oven Company have made it easy to consistently bake perfect brick oven pizza with virtually unskilled labor at a rate of production that was unheard of only a few years  ago.

Having a fast production, easy to use and work with the oven was the single barrier to multiple locations,  owners expanding at any fast rate because training on a conventional oven was long and hard. It required a developed skill, especially during the Friday night rushes.


Brick Oven Pizza Craze

Fresh ingredients and gourmet specialties are now becoming common place even in local supermarket aisles and many distributors see the demand and are filling it for direct distribution to restaurants.Multiple unit concepts and mom and pop stores are opening in every available retail space with all kinds of fresh ideas.  From the latest Fast Casual Pizza chains “where you design your own pizza” such as Spin Neapolitan and Revolve to hometown heroes such Ba Da Bing and the Radius Brew Pub offering craft beer and pizza.One thing for sure is that it is like the wild west of pizza and fortunes will be won and lost depending on the quality, concept and ingenuity of the operators. What is also a given is that the increase in competition will bring out the best in pizza operators !! and ensure the average pizza consumer is the big winner.

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