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There is Nothing Better than Having a Top-notch Pizza-Man as a Little Brother

When your brother is a World Champion pizza maker and says ” hey, I made you a pie” you listen. When it is lunch time and it’s one of your favorites, you really listen. I find that anything you have on a daily basis and is always available to you seems to be taken for granted. Once in a while you snap into the moment and realize just how lucky you are. Today was one of those moments. We have pizza everyday. Not just some “pizza” but a truly good pizza made with fresh mozzarella, handmade dough, a fantastic sauce and cooked in a revolving, wood burning brick oven to boot. Pizza people from all over the world, some of them pizza royalty, come by to say hello, shoot the breeze and enjoy talking pizza over a fresh  hot pie. I take it for granted most of the time but when my little brother told me he made a pie today it hit home. I realized how truly lucky I am to have my brother beside me every day, working with me, creating with me and enjoying this mixed bag of tricks called life. I want to take a moment to say “thank you Scot for that great pizza and thanks for being my brother.


The Most Sought after Brick Oven

When you really need to cook with fire in a stone hearth brick oven and only the best will do-call the New York Brick Oven Company. Decades of experience cooking the finest pizza in brick ovens and owning and operating many pizza restaurants makes them uniquely qualified to answer your questions and help you decide on the best oven for your concept. Not only that but they welcome you to come and cook with them in a  world famous working NY restaurant and try it yourself under real world conditions.


Brick oven

Custom Brick Oven Building

If your dream is to have a custom hand built brick oven, then we have your oven! We custom build any type of brick oven. If you want a small oven or multi chamber oven with grills or any specific function we can do it. Call us today and we will be glad to discuss your project we build worldwide.

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Explore Our Commercial Brick Ovens

This is one of the latest coal fired brick ovens. It has a custom facade installed by our team as well. If you looking to create great pizza, and have an amazing coal fired brick oven that will out cook any oven with ease of operation.  We custom build ovens world wide. Wood Fired, Coal, Gas, or any multi fuel oven that you can think of. If your looking for a revolving oven we have them too. They are the best ovens on the planet. Ease of operation perfect products every time. Why depend upon employees for perfection when your oven can do it every time. No sick days no problems just great pizza!!!


Pizza oven

Coal Brick Oven Custom Built

The Ultimate Brick oven

This is our wood fired /coal oven Inferno series 140. It is
a multi-fuel oven that can burn wood gas and coal. If you want to use wood or
coal alone it will work perfectly. The oven comes with a 100,000 btu burner system
that keeps constant temperature. The burner system will allow the operator to control
the cooking time of every pizza. This way all your pizza is cooked exactly
alike. If you want a high production oven that will take the guess work out of
employee hands and give you peace of mind, this is your oven!. We install all
our ovens and can help you with a custom facade if wanted. The Inferno series
ovens has a revolving floor that will make pizza cooking a breeze. The oven can
run on gas alone with an option for ceramic logs that create the illusion of a
real wood fire. So call today we will be glad to answer all your questions!


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See Our Coal Brick Ovens

This is our Latest, The first and only “Revolving’ coal oven. This photo shows the inside revolving floor. The whole oven was rewuested to be custom built brick by brick. We are currently building them with some of the best castable materails in the world. The Coal Brick  oven  took two weeks to build and will produce perfect pizzas with tempatures up to 1000 degrees. The oven dome is solid brick and the custom facade was built out of an aray of used chicagao bricks. The oven weighs in at 7000lbs it is built to last a life time. So if you are looking for an incredible custom built coal, wood, gas Brick Oven Call us today!

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Coal Brick ovens

We Custom Build Coal Fired Brick Ovens all over America. If you want an amzing coal fired oven give us a call and we would be glad to help you with your project. We also have our incredible revolving brick oven that can now burn coal. Check out our videos on our site and see how this amazing oven can produce perfect pizza every time.If your dream is to own acaol fired brick oven we are the exeperts and can help you with your project. We not only build brick ovens but we consult on the usage and pizza training!


Pizza oven

Revolving Brick Oven

The only American built revolving TrueBrick Oven on the market. This photo represents our brick dome. This is a 2500 lb.dome that is the main cooking chamber on our brick oven. We build our ovens to last a life time. If you want the benefits of a true brick oven and the convenience of a revolving oven this is it. The revolving brick oven produces amazing pizza and can cook pizza in 90 seconds. It can also produce perfect New York style pizza, steaks, fish and amazing breads! If you look at our base you will see
1/4″ steel we spared no expense when it comes to our ovens strengths. All components are American made and have been designed and selected to ensure the safety, longevity, minimal maintenance, and ease of use of the Inferno Series oven.  Our ovens are assembled on location by factory-trained representatives to ensure all aspects of the installation and final product meet the high quality standards expected by our clients.If you want to produce perfect pizza and save labor our
Inferno series oven is the solution. Call us today for a free demo and we will
show you what we can do for you.



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