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Competing with the Pizza Chains

Pizza Chains

Basic Brick oven pizza from revolving deck brick oven.

Competing with national pizza chains for a slice of the pie is tough. When you look at some of the factors on their side you wonder how any small mom and pop location can ever compete. Yet there are thousands of successful pizza places around the country that do not have the buying power, the advertising, and marketing budget, or the ability to rent the high dollar, high profile locations. Much less the ability to saturate an area with multiple stores. You may ask yourself how they can do it. Or better yet why would they do it? Because an entrepreneur is fearless (well maybe) and an entrepreneur is crazy (like a fox) but most of all an entrepreneur is relentless in his pursuit of his goal. This relentless quality is what makes America great and allows David to compete and sometimes slay Goliath in the in the pizza industry. The same holds true for any endeavor and one of mine is the revolutionary war. The audacity of these colonists to think they could defy mother England and win, yet they did. It required incredible strength, drive, and persistence but it was done. The same can be applied to any business but we are talking about pizza. First of all, there is a thing called personality and the corporate world, while making for consistent and predictable pizza will never be as fast, flexible or creative as the small time, local pizza makers. This is where the local guys and gals have a distinct advantage, they can identify and adapt with the neighborhood. Personality is another factor in creating an image and a destination. No matter great Poppa John may be in person, his photo in every store he owns will never take the place of local town pizza man’s greeting. Several examples come to mind where the pizza man was the local baseball, football or soccer coach. This established a huge rapport with not only the kids but the parents as well. How about the fact that every fundraiser for every  activity from local sports, pet adoption, churches, schools , veterans, disabled, fire and flood victims are continuously supported by the local pizza man without hesitation despite the volume and ever increasing demand for donations. The local pizza man is a go-to guy for meetings and politicians too. This builds a brand loyalty and downright devotion to some small operators. Now add the ability to use fresh ingredients because you can by daily rather than the huge orders corporate has to make to keep food costs down and you get another advantage as a little guy. Next, comes social media which can’t ever be underestimated. Loyal followers love to “check in” and chat about their great pizza and shoot photos of it for facebook. Despite having lots of followers and customers their are only so many photos you can post of the same old Domino pizza. Some places like The Original Goodfella’s Brick Oven Pizza on Hylan Blvd.  Staten Island and Totonno’s Pizzeria Napolitano on Neptune Ave in Coney Island have been elevated to a cult following status because  their fans are so loyal. Would you rather bring your relatives in from out of town to a chain restaurant that they probably already have in their town or to a special local favorite? Would you rather eat fresh wholesome ingredients or mass produced cookie cutter pizza? Would you rather go to a place where everyone knows your name or a place where you are literally given a number? This is the difference in the David vs. Goliath approach and a smart, talented small town operator will always be able to beat the big guy if he treats people well and makes a great product.

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Brick Oven Renaissance

The Brick Oven Renaissance has Begun and with  fast casual Pizza and amazing brick ovens that are making it all happen. Developing great fast casual concepts starts with a vision and great pizza. The industry is exploding with many new great players, fresh ideas and new “spins” on pizza.  The New York Brick oven company is truly helping pave the way for the brick oven revolution. Traditional brick ovens have been around for over a 1000 years.  Now we  have combined   modern technology and old world tradition to bring forth a true renascence  in pizza making.   To meet the  demands for easier production and consistent products the true challenge of a brick oven. We introduced the revolving brick oven that makes the art of pizza simple.

True artisan pizza  is truly an art!

That art depends on upon  several things, great pizza recipes, fresh products, and a truly skilled pizza maker who can operate a wood fired oven.   We have helped many people overcome those barriers with the revolving brick oven The revolving brick oven makes life easy. It allows operators to make perfect pizza consistently with hardly any skill. Just place the pizza in the oven and let it cook. No turning pies no burning pies and no crowning them (lifting them up to cook the top) You can truly train your employees in a few hours  instead of weeks.

The Benefits of a revolving Brick Oven

The benefits of a revolving oven  far out way that of a traditional oven. In today’s market hiring, good employees are quite a challenge. The strain of operating a traditional wood oven is also very wearing on anyone. Haveing to stand in front of an oven and keep your arms and body exposed to extreme heat can be brutal. The pies have to move every 30 seconds and sometimes faster. Many pies are cooked well on one side and burnt. This causes waste and bad products, bad products cause lost customers and failed business.

With the revolving brick oven, those above issues are a thing of the past  easy operations fast production and consistent products.

We invite everyone to come and cook with us so you can truly see and experience the difference that a revolving brick oven can make.

for an incredible pizza school,  check out the Pizza school of New York

Great interview with our friends at Revolve Fast Casual Pizza! Wonderful news story and some fabulous dishes from Eric. Best wishes and continued success.

The Fast Casual Solution

Fast Casual Pizza News from New York Brick Oven

The pizza wars are heating up! The “chains” and many new start up companies are jockeying up for market share in what is being hailed as the “Greatest Pizza Rush of all times!” Dozens of great new concepts are effectively branding their concept and slowly chipping away at the gourmet fast casual pizza segment share.  To win this battle its going to take some great branding and true quality products (Real Pizza). There are many contenders cooking all types of pizza and  having great initial  success, but the true success will be the test of time and customer loyalty .

The Pizza Market has come along way over the last few decades, consumers tastes and  pallets are becoming much more demanding and  sophisticated. Pies with quality ingredients and options that where unheard of a decade ago are now  taking center stage.    Wood fired pizza made with fresher ingredients, gourmet cheeses and the best of olive oils  cooked in the old world tradition, have  taken a major bight out of the big commercial pizza chains. As dozens of new comers enter the market place, and more and more individuals all over the country strive to bring better pizza to the ever increasing demand, it seems  apparent that they  will continue to take a bite out of all the former chains who’s pizza ( if you would call it that)  won domination through marketing dollars , and perhaps no true alternatives.

The pizza industry is changing for ever and for the better. Consumers are demanding something better and the entrepreneurs and industry leaders are listening and responding . Chains like Spin, Revolver  are poised to grow fast, do to the fact that they can provide that quality product consistently.

The New York Brick Oven company has the ultimate solution for the high volume demand of today’s fast casual chains. The “revolving brick oven! This  is one of the most important pieces of equipment on the market today when it comes to making artisan pizza in high volume and will lead the expansion of fast casual for the next decade.

Although  Brick Ovens have swept the market for the last few decades (and you could say that they  have been the true  impetuous for the new pizza revolution) the skill and labor needed to operate these ovens is extreme. They are great for the smaller operators who have romantic ideas and wish to  practice an art based upon old world tradition. But the skills required to operate such ovens are not readily available and will impede the growth of many companies.  The revolving brick oven from the New York Brick Oven Company  is the ultimate   solution for all  pizza operators  who wish keep the tradition alive and accomplish it simply . It Provides ease of operation by  eliminating the skilled labor of an artisan pizza maker and the cost associated with one. It Provides  consistent products and much greater production capabilities . So the Revolution has begun and the New York Brick Oven Company is grooving the path for the future  of great pizza!




Cooked neapolitan pizza

Fast Casual Pizza Chains

The fast casual pizza race is on. With many big name companies like Chipolata, Pizza Uno,and the up and coming ones like Spin, and Revole pizza just too name a few are making there move to take over the fast casual market. The secret to there success will be not only great products but being able to serve consistent fast pizza.  That’s why the revolving brick oven from the New York Brick Oven company is the new choice for fast casual service chains and any brick oven pizza restaurant that wants ease of operation combined with performance and consistent  quality .

The revolving oven can out produce any oven on the market today when it comes to quality, speed  and consistent products. The fact that the pizza oven can cook pizzas as fast as 90 seconds has no down time requires no skilled operators and can produce hundreds of pies per hour is why this oven will lead the way for fast casual operators successes.


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