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Fast Casual Pizza

Over the last year so many fast casual pizza places have open all over the United States and the great thing is that there are so many more coming! The fast casual Revolution is by no means slowing down. Although major chains like Blaze, Pieology, and Mod pizza who started on the west coast are opening rapidly.  There are dozens of newbies to be on the look out for on the east coast and mid-American States . They all want to take a bight out of the billion dollar pizza industry.  I think that some of the new locations like Spin Neapolitan, Tossed Pizza, Pizza Fire , Lotsa Mozza, Fire Fresh, Revolve, just to name a few have taken some of the best things that the big companies have contributed and are doing it better.

Fast Casual Pizza


Fast Casual Pizza Start ups

I think that some of the new locations like Spin Neapolitan, Tossed Pizza, Pizza Fire , Lotsa Mozza, Fire Fresh, Revolve, just to name a few.  Have taken some of the best things that the big companies have contributed and are doing it better. Great themes great pizza, salad and sandwiches too all served in a fast casual pizza environment !

Cooking pizza in two minutes in a revolving oven, using double Zero flour,  and some even milling their own flour on location as well as growing fresh basil amazing. The fast casual pizza world is offering many opportunities for better pizza across America.

The New York Brick Oven Company is now the leader in the new fast-casual pizza race. The Revolving oven has taken all the problems out of training employees how to cook great pizza at high temperatures. The ovens also  produce more pph (pizza per hour) than any deck oven on the market.

By this year’s end, we will see at least one hundred new concepts launching  and so many new  bright ideas.

Fast-casual pizza is definitely the wave of the future,  so catch it.and you to can be a fast casual pizza superstar.

Join the Revolution and make your fast casual pizza concept a reality. Call us today! We will be glad to help you!

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Chains Jumping Into Fast Casual Pizza

Chains Jumping Into Fast Casual Pizza

Once the fast-casual giant Chipotle bought into the Pizza Locale fast casual pizza concept many foodies took notice, then came Wetzel Pretzel’s with Blaze and Sbarro’s with it’s new concept called Cuchinova and the floodgates for many franchise holding groups were open. They began looking for new concepts and started creating new concepts such as Revolve with namesake revolving brick ovens from The New York Brick Oven Company The revoving brick ovens are  pumping out brick oven pizza faster than they can be assembled. What is the attraction? Why is fast casual pizza exploding across the US? What defines the category and who are the real players behind it?

Well, the pizza segment has always had its share of the market with giants such as Pizza Hut and Domino’s. Yes, they are till dominating, but what is the attraction to  fast casual pizza  concepts and the Chaind jumpng into fast casual  pizza ?  Fast casual is cool!  its hot ,  fast, and fresh and usually served in a cool  trendy atmosphere at a reasonable cost. Factor in the entertainment value of watching your pizza prepared and cooked in under 5 minutes and you get the picture.Another very important part of the equation is lunch. What does that mean you may wonder since pizza was always available for lunch in most sit-down restaurants with table service or slice shops dominated by players such as Sbarro Pizza in a mall near you. Speed is the answer, most busy towns and commercial areas with a working clientele could not wait for a conventional pizza place to take an order, bake a pie and then serve it in the limited lunch break customer’s had. Once you factor in getting to a location you can  see how pizza, especially gourmet pizza did not fit the equation.

The Revolving Brick Oven

Then came the brick oven revolution with pies under 3 minutes and then the revolving brick oven revolution which made it possible to be even faster but more importantly to able to make a consistently perfect pizza without a highly skilled workforce. This high-speed production combined with a low food cost was the ticket to a successful model along the lines of a Chipotle or Panera bread.

Now take this model and add  a reduced labor cost with a reduced  labor force. Since table service is not needed and fewer pizza men with the skill to operate the revolving brick oven your set to crack the fast casual pizza code.

Pizza Consulting 

Another big factor behind the scene has been the training  has been  Pizza School of New York  helping set up franchises, conversions, new concepts, brew pubs, pizza trucks and traditional mom and pop pizza places all over the United States and the world with tremendous results.

Whatever your part in this brave new world of fast casual pizza is, you are in for a big treat. From new contenders with dreams of bringing their concepts to the foreground.  To the small town mainstay looking to mix it up a bit there is plenty of room for everyone and the biggest winner will be the consumers with the ever widening choices being offered and a super healthy dose of competition to keep everyone on their toes and the pizza fresh.

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