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Neapolitan Pizza Dough Recipe

Neapolitan Pizza Dough Recipe For Eight  7oz. Dough Balls


Neapolitan Pizza Dough Recipe

If you love brick oven cooking here is a  great recipe for some authentic Neapolitan Pizza dough. It takes a little practice to handle and cook.  But practice makes perfect! Our Revolving brick ovens can produce this amazing pizza time and time again. So give it a shot!



*Flour—Type 00 (Caputo or San Felice)  is preferred or a mixture of Type 00 with King  Arthur Bread Flour—  2 lb 2 oz.

*Yeast—Active Dry Yeast—1/2 Teaspoon

*Salt—sea salt, non-Iodized, fine-grained –.75 oz

*Water2 .5 cups



*First dissolve the yeast in the water, then add the salt to the water and dissolve this as well.


*Next add about 80% of the flour to all the liquid and mix to a stiff batter.  Let sit for about 20 minutes to allow the water to be absorbed by the flour.  (This is known as “Autolyse” which comes from the French word to rest).


*After the batter has rested for about 20 minutes add the rest of the flour slowly while mixing until the batter becomes a dough ball and lifts away from the bowl.

At this point you can either knead the dough by hand or in a mixer at slow speed, adding a bit of flour as needed.  Total mixing/kneading time is about six to eight minutes.


*Form the dough into a large ball and place in a lightly oiled bowl (olive oil) to rise.


*Cover the bowl and let rise at room temperature for about two hours or until double in size.


*Lightly flour a work surface, remove dough from ball and cut dough into 7oz. pieces.


*Form dough balls and place in dough trays evenly spaced.  (This recipe produces eight dough balls which fit perfect in a standard Artisan Dough Tray).


*Cover Dough Tray with Dough Lid or second Dough Tray and place in refrigerator.  Dough balls are best when given enough time to ferment and can be kept refrigerated five to six days!


*Remove trays from fridge about 2 hours before use.   Dough balls should be at about room temperature, no colder than about 55 degrees F in order to stretch properly and reduce bubbles in baking. The Neapolitan Pizza recipe makes a very soft dough. That should be covered with blisters and a bubbly crust.

The secret to this pizza is to go light on ingredients. You should also use San Marzano tomatoes and of course fresh mozzarella. Drizzle some olive oil on top when done, or cook some basil leafs on top! Your call.

It should be cooked at 900f and cooked in 90 seconds.

Neapolitan Pizza Dough Recipe

Pizza Neapolitan Cooked in 90 seconds in the Inferno Series Brick Ovens


 Neapolitan Pizza Dough Recipe.  Soft and tender blistered perfectly in the inferno series wood fired revolving oven . 

To learn the art visit http://www.pizzaschoolnewyork.com/ 

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Neapolitan Pizza Start Ups

Andrew Scudera of the Pizza School New York recently spoke at Pizza Expo about the New Trend in Neapolitan Pizza start ups. He spoke about  how it’s made, best ingredients and tips for the newcomers to the pizza industry. Aside from being a world champion pizza maker, restaurant owner/operator he has personally trained hundreds of successful pizza makers from around the world at the Pizza school of New York  and helped launch dozens of new pizza concepts with his partner Scot Cosentino.


The main points he emphasized were: quality, food costs, and consistency. He broke these down to the basics of sourcing fresh ingredients that can be consistently delivered by reliable vendors. Having well a thought out menus with very clear preparation and cooking instructions that are well known by trained staff.  One of the most important things is that “specifications” are followed by all staff .  They need to be followed and demonstrated consistently  by all the individuals involved in the production.  This will ensure quality products and targetted food cost number will be met


This part he gave special attention to stating that it could make or break your bottom line if not checked continuously. He also stated that one of his successful action is to use a revolving brick oven. The Revolving brick oven  eliminates the need for specialized pizza makers that require a lot of training. This reduces labor costs and increases the labor pool by no longer having to find high paid pizza makers. Another area of importance he mentioned is to ensure that your line is set up well for production with careful attention to how the production takes place and the product is prepared, baked, plated and boxed at each step of the process to ensure ease of operation, step saving(literally) and minimal reach. These small but important steps of making sure your line runs smooth and efficiently can save countless dollars.  On a busy night being ready means no wasted time and upset to your crew.  Stay tuned for future insights and happy pizza!


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Brick Oven Facts

Brick Oven Facts you should ask and know about.

Whether you have been in the business for years or if you’re new to the Brick Oven game there are a couple of questions that can be helpful when choosing a brick oven for your business. Your first question might be what is the capacity of the oven, not how many pies you can fit in it but how many pies can it produce in an hour? Some ovens can hold many pies but suffer the dreaded “oven fade” (the oven cools down during high production)   they have a very slow recovery time due to a too wide opening or not enough thermal mass(density of floor and walls).

So holding 10 pies at once may not be such a big deal if the oven floor loses heat and can’t recover after the first hour of high demand. What happens is the cold dough cools the floor over and over again cialis strips 20mg. This slows the oven down and makes pies that are not cooked well. It basically changes your pizza.  This is where a revolving brick oven shines.  The radiant heat is spread across a constantly moving surface significantly aiding in recovery time. The oven also has a floor heating booster. This booster is turned on before high production hours and keeps the floor hot.


Can The oven  be assembled on location or brought in through a conventional door?  If not you may have to take down walls and  hire riggers to get the oven in.  The revolving oven from the New York brick oven company is built on location and can fit through a thirty-six-inch door.

What type of burner does the oven have? is it efficient ?  Is it  Heavy gauge stainless steel or just some pressed metal like a typical stove?

Our ovens use the best burner system in the industry the “Spit Fire” burner is extremely efficient and cost about half of what other burners cost to run.

Can it burn wood, gas or a combination of both?  Our ovens come with multiple combinations of gas and wood just gas or just wood.

Can I cook different types of pizza and bread in it? Our ovens are excellent at cooking all styles of pizza. Wether Neopolitan style, new york style  or fast casual we do it all.

Is it easy to use ? Our ovens are easy to train new staff on and takes a couple of hours to master as compared to nonrevolving brick ovens that take weeks or months  to learn how to master.

will I need a special high dollar pizza man just to work the oven?  As you can see there a few basic questions you should be asking.

So come learn about brick oven facts. We will  make your pizza life easy.

Call us today set up an appointment to come cook  with world champion pizza makers.

Brick Oven facts

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There is Nothing Better than Having a Top-notch Pizza-Man as a Little Brother

When your brother is a World Champion pizza maker and says ” hey, I made you a pie” you listen. When it is lunch time and it’s one of your favorites, you really listen. I find that anything you have on a daily basis and is always available to you seems to be taken for granted. Once in a while you snap into the moment and realize just how lucky you are. Today was one of those moments. We have pizza everyday. Not just some “pizza” but a truly good pizza made with fresh mozzarella, handmade dough, a fantastic sauce and cooked in a revolving, wood burning brick oven to boot. Pizza people from all over the world, some of them pizza royalty, come by to say hello, shoot the breeze and enjoy talking pizza over a fresh  hot pie. I take it for granted most of the time but when my little brother told me he made a pie today it hit home. I realized how truly lucky I am to have my brother beside me every day, working with me, creating with me and enjoying this mixed bag of tricks called life. I want to take a moment to say “thank you Scot for that great pizza and thanks for being my brother.


The Most Sought after Brick Oven

When you really need to cook with fire in a stone hearth brick oven and only the best will do-call the New York Brick Oven Company. Decades of experience cooking the finest pizza in brick ovens and owning and operating many pizza restaurants makes them uniquely qualified to answer your questions and help you decide on the best oven for your concept. Not only that but they welcome you to come and cook with them in a  world famous working NY restaurant and try it yourself under real world conditions.


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Welcome to the Pizza Family

The best thing about the pizza industry is the fantastic people you meet on a daily basis. Customers from all over the world stop by to “try the pizza I have been hearing about”. Many new friends are made this way and over the years they become “part of the family” often sharing in special occasions and celebrations for them and us which always seem to be squeezed in as business permits or often enough our own birthdays and special occasions become part of the show. When you add having the Pizza School of New York and the New York Brick Oven Company to an already busy location such as Goodfella’s Pizza you get a very eclectic group of people from around the neighborhood, city, state, country and world converging on one spot to enjoy making, creating pizza concepts and most importantly enjoying the object of desire-fresh pizza right out of the revolving brick oven!


Brick oven

Custom Brick Oven Building

If your dream is to have a custom hand built brick oven, then we have your oven! We custom build any type of brick oven. If you want a small oven or multi chamber oven with grills or any specific function we can do it. Call us today and we will be glad to discuss your project we build worldwide.

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