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New Brick Oven Pizza Places

It seems like there are many  New Brick Oven Pizza Places in Town popping up all over town lately. As a pizza lover this is great news.  Because competition really does create a buyers market and great pizza. The interest of owning a brick oven pizza restaurant has been on a steady rise since the 90’s. That’s when local places like Goodfella’s Pizza on Staten Island New York  started making national news and became a  true NY favorite.

New Brick Oven Pizza Places

Back in those days , it was quite a feat to build a brick oven, gather recipes and open a place in a predominately Italian-American community. Especially  before the internet , great TV food shows and the “foodie”  craze. Now you can even go to a pizza school, watch amazing  food shows and browse the internet for great recipes and pizza ideas. What is driving “The Great Brick Oven Era”? It seems there are several apparent factors that entrepreneurs mention. Some of the reasons are the demand, everybody loves good pizza and thanks to social media word it now spreads like wildfire. The ability to make it fast as in Fast Casual like Blaze, Pieology and  newcomer Pie Craft with their revolving brick ovens. All this  plays a big part especially  allowing time restricted lunch and dinner customer’s to get in and out  fast with a fresh hot pizza made to order. Another contributing factor is the trend toward fresh local ingredients and handmade artisan pizza. Pizza lends itself to a variety of fresh homemade ingredients which give it infinite possibilities and combinations.  Add to that the different types of dough and sauces and it’s a pizza lovers dream come true. How could you ever get bored with all the new players and pizzas?

The time has never been better for us pizza lovers around the country to enjoy the flood of pizza entrepreneurs invading America. If you are on the entrepreneur side of the fence it’s just as good with all the excitement being generated with celebrities like Lebron James attaching themselves to places like Blaze Pizza and generating miles of press for the industry and all involved. I don’t think there has ever been a better time for the pizza industry than now and the future looks bright with lot’s of dough rising.

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