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Fast Casual Pizza Franchise

Fast Casual Pizza Franchise with the New York Brick Oven Company

Fast Casual Pizza Franchise

Hot Fast Casual Pizza Concepts

Fast Casual Pizza Franchise, the hottest franchise concepts are taking over the pizza world. 

The fast casual pizza franchise segment is one of the hottest topics in the quick service industry today. The expansion rate is just amazing! With so many great concepts out there opening daily.   All these new great concepts are winning over new customers every day, it is like, well, a pizza lover’s paradise!


Make Great Pizza

Here at the New York Brick Oven Company, we get calls every week from all over the country.  The calls come from some very excited folks who “just seen this new concept  that makes pizza to order and serves it fast and it’s delicious”. Even many  veteran pizza operators who are now looking to switch over their concept, and make their mark in the fast-casual world of pizza.

Almost all the entrepreneurs ask about using our Revolving Brick Ovens for a fast casual pizza set up, or “how many pizzas can the oven make in an hour?”The answer is always simple; we do have your oven! Then we explain why:  “If you’re looking to go into the fast-casual pizza business the last thing you want is a complex oven that depends upon skilled labor”. You really need an oven that can perform during peak rushes and easily make several hundred pies per hour without losing heat or skipping a beat!

                    The Fire Series Show

That’s exactly what our Fire Series or Fire Show ovens do.   This is the ultimate fast casual franchise or concept oven It is the only backlit revolving brick oven on the market today indiaviagra.net! They don’t have hot and cold spots throughout the oven, they don’t cool down when the rush is on, they keep producing perfect pizza over and over again,  are easy as “pie” to operate and will help you succeed .The ovens  don’t have hot and cold spots throughout the oven, they don’t cool down when the rush is on, they keep producing perfect pizza over and over again,  are easy as “pie” to operate and will help you succeed .

Then we explain why the ovens are easy to use, maintain and train any staff (with no experience) to cook great pizza in minutes instead of weeks! “That’s what makes everyone happy!”

We also point out the potential labor savings! Noting the fact that the oven can actually pay for itself in labor savings year after year.

“That’s truly incredible” or “that’s exactly what I need” Or that is exactly what I have been looking for” is what most people say!

They usually follow up with a visit to cook some great pizza talk shop and then take the plunge. Many are so impressed with the way our ovens cook, and the pizza that we produce that they have to come to the Pizza School of New York  . So we recommend to them that they also  sign up at  www.pizzaschoolnewyork.com  and learn from the world champions themselves.

               Learn To Be The Best

They can learn all they need to know to start an incredible pizza operation and make some of the best pizza in the Industry.   The Pizza School of New York has helped launch dozens of hot concepts all over the country (and world) and does so every year with almost all the students having no experience at all!

So if you’re looking to start a great concept, and make your life much easier. You have to Get a great oven a Revolving brick oven  .The Revolving oven can produce hundreds a perfectly cook pizzas, one after the other, consistently and without the high cost of skilled labor to do so.

Be it a full-service restaurant, or a fast casual pizza franchise  chain, we have the perfect model and perfect fit. The pizza school of New York will also teach you the “art” of pizza so you can make amazing pizza that will make you proud and win the fast casual battle!

Fast Casual Pizza Franchise?

Call us today we will be glad to help you in any way we can answer and question and show you why we are the leaders in fast casual pizza ovens. 1-800 683- 6053

 Fast Casual PizzaThe time is now to start your own fast casual pizza succcess !

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