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What Are The Advantages of Pizza Ovens

What Are The Advantages of Pizza Ovens?

Investing in a pizza oven is a great decision for those who love to entertain, enjoy delicious and authentic pizza, and want to elevate their home cooking game. These ovens are not only fun and easy to use, but they also deliver mouthwatering results that are sure to impress. Whether you’re a pizza connoisseur or just looking to try something new, a pizza oven is the perfect addition to any backyard kitchen. So why take your pizza game to the next level and invest in one today?

Advantages of an Outdoor Pizza Oven

Pizza ovens are a growing trend in outdoor kitchens because of their ability to produce delicious and authentic pizza. They are also versatile and able to perform the tasks of a traditional oven with even better results. A wood-fired crown roast of lamb or large beef roast is a culinary experience to be noticed, and pizza ovens can even be used to grill steak to perfection.

Additionally, they are ideal for baking loaves of bread, desserts, cobblers, and pies. Not only do they offer fantastic food, but using a pizza oven is also an immersive and enjoyable experience. Whether entertaining guests with a build-your-own pizza party or creating a family tradition of pizza nights, a pizza oven is a valuable addition to any backyard kitchen. With so many benefits, it’s no wonder why pizza ovens are becoming a popular choice among home cooks.

Much Better Than Delivery: No matter what pizza you order from a chain restaurant or even the frozen section of your local supermarket, you’re never going to get the same wood-fired flavors that you can get delivered right to your door.

Not Limited to Just Pizzas: They’re more than capable of baking delicious bread, desserts, and savory entrees, in addition to pizzas.

Home-Cooked Dinner: Want to spice up your family dinners? Pizza ovens turn everyday meals into interactive family outings where everyone can participate.

Delicious and Healthy Pizzas: You can make healthy pizza at home—with higher-quality ingredients and thinner dough — by cutting calories.

Energy Saver: Most models don’t use electricity, and those that do require very little. It is worth remembering, however, that using an indoor oven to cook pizza will inflate your power bill.

Perfect Pizza: Pizza Ovens Turn Dough Into Puffily Crisp Crust In Minutes. The high-heat output and refractory cooking surfaces make them ideal for pizza making.

How to Add a Pizza Oven to your Outdoor Space With Trendy Ideas

Pizza ovens are very popular right now, which is why we’ve seen a few trends around them emerge. Because they come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and configurations, pizza ovens can complement virtually any outdoor space and personal style. Whether you want a freestanding or fully enclosed pizza cooker, these cookers add a lot of visual appeal to your yard and make you feel like you’re in Naples eating authentic pizza. We’ve been selling and testing these for over 20 years, so we know what we’re talking about! Homeowners have used these ovens in a wide range of imaginative ways. Check out a few of our favorites.

DIY Pizza Oven Kits

Unfinished pizza ovens, like Chicago Brick Oven DIY Pizza Ovens, are packaged without exterior materials, allowing you to choose the best-fitting aesthetic for your outdoor kitchen. These kits include a refractory cement shell and finished door, which you can cover with brick, stone, or stucco. This option saves money on materials and gives you an authentic brick-oven or wood-fired pizza experience. These ovens are also visually appealing and can be customized with additional features like sinks, storage cabinets, and outdoor fridges.

Countertop Pizza Ovens for Outdoor Kitchens

Countertop pizza ovens are an excellent addition to any completed outdoor kitchen. They offer increased cooking versatility and can expand menu options while featuring fully weatherized and protected exteriors. These models sit directly on grill island countertops and are designed for ventilation needs. They are also aesthetically pleasing and come in various styles to match your outdoor space. Stainless steel units from companies like Alfresco complement other stainless appliances and offer outstanding warranties. Alternatively, several other options are available, such as wood-fired ovens or ovens in colors like yellow, red, or black, which can add an accent piece to your outdoor space.

Portable Pizza Ovens Are Favored for Camping

Building and cooking pizzas together can enhance the family bonding experience of camping and bring a delicious meal to the table. Portable pizza ovens are changing the game for camping cuisine. These ovens come in gas-operated and wood- or pellet-fueled options, which are great for camping. Portable propane tanks are a convenient option for gas models. These ovens are small enough to store with camping gear or bring to tailgates, but they can usually fit only one 12-inch pie at a time. This allows for small personal pizzas to satisfy everyone’s cravings. Who can say no to pizza on the go?

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How to Clean a Brick Oven the Right Way

How to clean a brick oven

Pizza ovens are great. They’re the catalyst that leads to delicious pizza, and without them, our pizzas would never be right. The combination of expert construction and a good heat source make brick ovens optimal for pizza cooking. The bricks of your oven retain and distribute heat efficiently and effectively. The high-heat capabilities of brick ovens are what help cook pizzas to the perfect consistency and flavor. If you’ve wondered how to clean a brick oven, you’re in the right place! At New York Brick Oven, we are pizza experts who enjoy educating our customers on brick ovens and their care and maintenance. In this guide, we’re going to talk about what to do when it’s time to clean your brick oven. Let’s jump in!


What is a Brick Oven?


A brick oven is what it sounds like—an oven constructed solely of brick! They often have a rounded shape to encourage an even flow of heat in order to cook pizzas to the perfect chewiness and fluff! The bricks are traditional when it comes to pizza ovens. They retain heat well and allow the oven to reach high temperatures without burning crust.

There are many different types of brick ovens, and at New York Brick Ovens, we have them all! We offer custom brick ovens. Since these ovens are custom, they can be whatever you want. We have a wide range of styles:

  • Neapolitan (wood or gas)
  • Traditional (wood or gas)
  • Brick ovens equipped with grills
  • Double-stacked brick ovens
  • Matzo
  • Ovens with windows
  • And MUCH more!

The moral of the story here is that, at New York Brick, you will find exactly what you’ve been looking for when it comes to a pizza oven.

How to Clean a Brick Oven

Cleaning a brick oven isn’t nearly as complicated as you might think. These ovens are durable, sturdy, and require very little maintenance. If you find that there is a decent amount of food debris on the cooking area, the best tool to use to scrape it off is a flat shovel or a pizza peel. Think of brick ovens like cast iron skillets. Over time, they gain a patina and with that patina comes an ideal cooking surface and flavor.

If you really want to do a thorough cleaning, you may spray the oven with water and scrub it with a soft brush. This will remove any debris or ash you’d like to see gone.

Call The Pizza Pros

At New York Brick Ovens, we are the pizza professionals you’ve been looking for. Now that you know how to clean a brick oven, maybe you’d like to learn more about this industry and everything it has to offer. We’re exciting to offer pizza school for anyone who is interested in learning more about or breaking into the fast-casual pizza restaurant industry. Please call us today if you have any questions, concerns, comments, suggestions, or just want to talk all thing pizza! We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Why Brick Ovens Make The Perfect Pizza

Why Brick Ovens Make The Perfect Pizza


At New York Brick Oven, we love pizza! There’s a reason brick oven pizza is the best pizza you’ll ever have. In today’s post, we’re going to fill you in on all things brick oven pizza. Most importantly, we’re going to talk about why brick ovens make the perfect pizza.


What Is A Brick Oven?

A brick oven is what it sounds like. A brick pizza oven is an oven constructed of brick. Brick ovens are classic tradition in the pizza industry and around the world. The traditional steel oven is not ideal for baking proper Neapolitan pizzas. The heat transfer from brick to dough is much slower than from steel. Slower heat transfer helps prevent your delicious dough from burning.

The vaulted construction of a brick pizza oven provides even baking and the perfect temperature. Many of these brick ovens reach upwards of 700ºF for perfect Neapolitan pizzas. At New York Brick Oven, we offer a wide array of traditional and new technology ovens. What do we mean by new technology? Revolving pizza ovens. These gas-powered pizza ovens are perfect for any fast-casual pizza restaurant. The revolving rack allows the pizza to bake evenly and quickly.


When Was The Brick Pizza Oven Invented?

Brick ovens themselves have been around for more than 4,000 years. The brick pizza came from Naples in the 1800s. Naples, where our favorite, and equally delicious, Neapolitan pizza comes from is the birthplace of pizza. In this small Italian village, this world-changing food was invented. Then, the brick pizza oven introduced a new way of cooking. For thousands of years, there hadn’t been much innovation.

Brick ovens also give your pizza a smoky flavor that you won’t gain from a traditional oven. The wood and smoke provide a rich layer of deliciousness that’s unmatched.

So, brick ovens provide an authentic flavor that pizza connoisseurs have come to know and love. At New York Brick Oven, we strive to maintain that rich tradition of making delicious pizza for years to come.


Reach Out To The Pizza Professionals

If you have any questions about pizza, pizza ovens, or the fast-casual industry, please reach out! At New York Brick Ovens, we are here for our customers and love to teach them about pizza and pizza business. We even offer a pizza school where you can learn everything you need to know about pizza baking, ovens, and the business.

If pizza were a language, we’d be fluent! Our founder, Scot Cosentino is a master of pizza who has perfected the art of pizza making, so come on—learn from the best in the business today!

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