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3 Essential Pizza Making Tools You Need

Essential Pizza-Making Tools You Need

Who doesn’t love pizza? We know we do! Sometimes, making pizza can be difficult. We’re here for you to help make it a little easier on you. We’re going to cover the  essential pizza-making tools that every pizza maker should have. 


The Tools

 Pizza Peels Metal 

When it comes to making, baking, and serving pizza, there is one tool that has to be there. It’s a pizza peel. The pizza peel is a critical tool for any serious pizza maker and should make the list. A wood pizza peel is the most traditional peel material, but you can also use a metal one. The only issue with a metal peel is that dough tends to stick to them more. Metal is easier to clean, but wood is more forgiving, so the decision is up to you, and it depends on what you want from your peel. Many traditional Italian places in Italy use the metal peel to pick up the pizza but the skill involved is a little more then the avg. employee  can handle in the Sates. That is why we tent to stick with the floured wooden peel.  For Great Peel Check Out The Bakers Board  Custom Wooden Pizza Peels

Pizza Prep Station. Lets Face it you need a great station to keep temperature. As a pizza professional for most of my life now. I really like working on a spacious counter made of marble or solid steel. It’s smooth cool and easy to clean as compared to the standard plastic counter tops   

Amazing Pizza Cutters . This is defiantly a tool and should be your pizza mans favorite something heavy duty and something he will love and take pride in cutting each pie I love a true Italian heavy duty cutter  . They really take it serious in Italy.










Brick Ovens For Pizza Trailers

The Revolving Brick Oven   An oven that can produce hundreds of pizza an hour and save you money on labor.  It’s the oven for those who want to be the best and not depend on unskilled labor to cook perfect pizza ! Wood Or Gas Prefect Baking When Your Series About Pizza Making

New York Brick Ovens 85 Bistro Series

Wood Gas Revolving Brick Oven. Custom Tiles






The Dough Mixer

Now that’s a matter of preference If your making American style brick oven pizza you want to stick with old faithful Hobart ! The Hobart mixers are an industry staple some mixers are still going after 100 years. But Honestly we have ours for 30 years, used daily and is 60 years old amazing. So a rebuilt easy to fix work horse is the ticket  that will out last any other.








Brick Oven Pizza

Brick Oven Pizza from NY Brick Oven Co.


Reach Out To The Pizza Experts!

Hopefully, these essential pizza-making tools make creating pizza art easier for you! At New York Brick Oven, we are here for you! We’re the pizza experts, and we even have a pizza school where you can learn everything there is to know about making delicious pizza!

Round Oven Steel New 2019

Best Brick Oven and Why!

You deserve the best brick oven for your business don’t you?

Amazing Pizza

Wouldn’t you like super high production? Speed? Ease of operation? Consistency? Durability? Simple training? 

Well you can have it all with the NY Brick Oven Company.  Their revolving Brick Ovens are the essential pizza equipment for any pizza esablishment looking to compete in the pizza market. Why are the Rotating Ovens from Ny Brick Oven Company the choice of Champion Pizza Men and top chefs across the world? Because they are that good!

Commercial Pizza Ovens

An artisan pizza fresh and hot from the NY brick oven co. Revolving Brick oven

A steady temperature that you can set and forget-no more hassle trying to keep temperature by how much wood you put in or how big the fire is. Wood is not your main heat source.

An extremly dense Italian Lava stone cooking service to maintain temeperature and recover quickly during heavy traffic times.

Easy operation with no fancy or delicate controls-built tough for the American work-force.

Well insulated to keep heat in the oven where it is needed.

Steady even radiant heat ensures all pizzas are consistent and perfectly baked.

Can be built on locationand all parts brough in through a standard 36 inch door.

Can be ordered in a traitional dome style or better yet it can be facaded by the owner to match his own decor, style and taste.

Thsi is the way to go for the smart operator looking to get ahead and stay ahead of his competition. Call now for more details!

Brick Ovens For Pizza Trailers

New York Brick Ovens 85 Wood Gas Revolving Brick Oven



Pizza The Quick and the Dead

Pizza-The Quick and Dead.

In this fast-changing world, there is one thing for sure-SPEED of DELIVERY has a huge effect on volume, return customers and viability. How fast can you turn the tables? How fast can you get the deliveries and catering orders out? How many customers drive up and drive away when they see the long lines? How many customers stop ordering because your delivery time is too long? 

This is why so many operators are switching over to the New York Brick Oven Co. and their Revolving brick ovens.  These ovens set the World record at Pizza Expo and have proven themselves in the pizza battle around the country. Fueled by gas or gas and wood these ovens are both fast and consistent while having been compared to a Mack Truck for durability and a Ferrari for speed. The solid construction, heavy mass and Spitfire burner system ensures high output because the extra floor rotates and is radiantly heated evenly. This results in no hot spots, no cold spots and more importantly no having to continually shuffle the pizzas around in a hot oven. Another benefit to your employees is not having to reach into the oven with a long pizza peel because the pizza revolves and is in easy reach.  The trade secret extra dense cooking surface creates the perfect crust every time too.

Be ready to deliver and have the finest equipment in your place that will make it easier for you and your staff.  Since the oven is so easy to use it doesn’t require skilled labor and it is very easy to train new pizza makers to use.  This reduces training times and the need to pay highly skilled pizza makers.  World champion pizza men are using these ovens to make incredible artisan pizzas for their demanding customers so make your life easier and make that pizza faster become more profitable and manageable.

NY Brick Oven Co. Inferno Series

Fast, consistent gourmet pizza! NY Brick Oven Co.

20150507 174706

Commercial Pizza Brick Ovens

The best commercial brick ovens in the Industry.

Comercail Brick Ovens

                       The Words Best Ovens

If you’re looking for the best Commercial Pizza Brick Ovens look no further. The New York Brick Oven Company has your solution.  The revolving brick oven is the solution to fast production ease of operation and consistent products. You can say”all the things that will add to your success”.





Commercial Brick Ovens


You can produce perfect pizza in as fast as 90 seconds if your looking to create neapolitan pizza check out or inferno series the best commercial brick oven on the market for high temperature cooking. Available with gas and wood combinations for simple operations or just gas or wood separately .

Commercial Pizza Brick Ovens

If you are looking to produce New York style pizza the oven can bake a perfectly crispy crust in 3 minutes.  The Oven is also great for meats chicken fish and baking amazing bread.

Commercial Brick Ovens

Brick Oven Bread


Basically, you can cook anything that you can cook anything you can bake in any oven but only better and easier.

Commercial Pizza Brick OvensCommercial Pizza Brick OvensCommercial Pizza Brick Ovens


Our Oven Come Facade ready you can easily frame the oven and give it your own custom look. Check out some of the examples of our incredible clients from all over the world have done!



Commercial Brick Ovens


The Fire Sgow series Revolving Brick Oven

Revolving Brick Ovens

Amazing Brick Ovens

Stone Finished wood fired 140 Inferno series

Rotating Brick Ovens

Fast Casual Back Fire










Fast Casual Pizza Start ups

NY Brick Oven Co. Pizza

Amazing Pizza

Fast Casual Brick

 Fast Casual Brass!  140 Gas Wood!

Fast Casual Brick                             Fast Casual Brass!                                                     140 Gas Wood!

Commercial Pizza Brick Ovens From All Over America

So Let’s get baking roasting and searing and make incredible creations with the New York Brick Oven Company


Artisan Brick Oven Pizza

Roasted Peppers

Fast Casual Pizza Expands Across America

New York Brick Oven Company

Brick Oven cooking

The Worlds Best Pizza School  http://www.pizzaschoolnewyork.com/

Commercial Pizza Brick OvensCommercial Pizza Brick OvensCommercial Pizza Brick OvensCommercial Pizza Brick OvensFood Presentation for Pizza

Brick Ovens For Sale19

Brick Ovens For Sale

Brick Ovens For Sale? If that’s your quest here is   The Amazing 85 Bistro Series .

It has one of the smallest footprints in the industry for a SUPER high production revolving brick oven. The 85 series oven is an incredible workhorse that produces perfect pizza in as fast as 60 seconds.

The oven is capable of burning wood and gas it also has a patented heated floor mechanism that will never let the floor cool down. The oven cooks from 700f to 1000f and won’t let you down. The real beauty of the revolving oven is that it produces consistent pies over and over again without the skilled labor needed on traditional brick ovens. What does that mean for an operator?  Well for starters; peace of mind and stress-free production. It can also produce up to 80 12″ pies per hour to handle heavy rushes when they come and the demand is high.

All our ovens come with the Spitfire Burner System. The Spitfire is one of the best burner systems on the market today. It has adjustable flame heights that produce a great show with an amazingly bright flame. The system is self-contained, simple to operate and extremely efficient compared to any other oven. It uses about 30,000 BTU’S to maintain an 800f degree temperature. Our domes are made with some of the industry’s finest refractory materials and come with a ten-year warranty. Our floors are built to last just as long if not longer. They are built with a special mix of high silica content refractory, that ensures heat retention and durability,  no other company produces such a perfect mix or creates such a stable cooking environment.

Brick Ovens For Sale

Inferno Series The Industries Best Ovens

Brick Ovens For Sale

The Cupola Series Custom Tiles Or Metal Painted Domes Call Today 

When you compare the production rate of our oven and usable cooking space you can easily compare it to any 6-foot brick-oven. How might you ask?  A standard brick oven has a lot of wasted floor space or you can say unusable space. If you have a fire in the oven you can not cook close to it. for it will be too hot. The sides are usual unreachable and the front area is usually too cold to cook an evenly baked pizza on. So the small footprint actually is all usable cooking space.

The revolving oven also puts on a great show for your guests while producing perfect pizza at the same time.  One of the other fantastic benefits is that the revolving oven can save an operator a lot of money annually in high labor costs.   (Let’s face it with today’s labor market being what it is who really wants to depend on upon skilled labor anyway!) The revolving oven makes cooking pizza simple!  It really requires hardly any training nor any especially skilled labor to operate. Just put the pizza in and let it cook. Training can be done in minutes rather than days or weeks. No mistakes of pies half burnt or half-cooked are virtually eliminated.

The oven can even be operated by one man easily without having someone to stand there and turn pies every ten seconds like a regular brick oven. The savings of just 5 hours a day can add up to tens of thousands of dollars each year and that savings alone can just about pay for the oven every year!


Now if your a serious operator, and you think this through (skilled labor versus unskilled, consistent bake, small footprint, high production, labor-saving great show)  you will easily understand that making perfect products is what it’s all about, and your oven is the most important item that you can invest in. Old fashion techniques, spinning pizza by hand and depending upon highly skilled labor is now a thing of the past. As a business owner should be able to concentrate on running your businesses not your oven and not have to worry about how his pizza is cooking or not.

The Bistro Series is perfect for small brewpubs bars and an additional add on to existing food establishment who really want to get in on one of the hottest trends. Let’s face it brick oven pizza is one of the fastest-growing segments today. The fast-casual pizza race is in full swing. All across America and people are demanding something better! So let’s give them what they want (Great Pizza) while eliminating the skilled labor and stress of employees using a traditional brick oven. Don’t Forget adding profits to your bottom line at the same time.

So come and join the revolution we will show you how to do pizza fast and easy!!


Call us today we will be glad to set up a demo for you and be glad to help you with your pizza as well.


The Best Ovens Make The Best Pizza also Contact The The Pizza School Of New York  .The Only One On One Training Class Live In A Real Restaurant Environment With 4 Time World Champion Pizza Makers




Brick Ovens For Sale19

Revolving Brick Ovens are the Final Word for Fast Casual Pizza

Whether your making award winning, world class pizza or just trying to bang out as many pies as you can per hour in a busy location it is impossible to beat the consistency, perfect bake and speed of the Inferno Series revolving deck brick ovens. With fast casual pizza concepts from New York to California now utilizing these ovens it seems that there will only be the quick and the dead when all is said and done. Make the wise decision.

Basil and Olives

Fast Casual Pizza Concepts

The Revolving Brick Oven Revolution continues across America. We are changing the way world makes pizza one store at a time. The fast casual market race is being fueled by the revolving brick oven. Perfect pizza low labor what’s there to think about.  The Revolving brick oven can out produce any standard brick oven on the market hands down. The inferno series ovens can make over 200- 12” pies per hour!,  The ovens  do not require skilled labor. What is this worth to operators? Its Priceless!  So start your own revolution and make perfect pizza while saving tens of thousands in labor today!

The Fast Casual Solution

The Worlds Best Brick Ovens

When it comes to perfect pizza your only  real choice is a revolving brick oven from the New York Brick Oven Company! We can help you create fantastic products every time. Never depend upon skilled labor, or guess work, perfect pizza making is now a reality. Come learn how simple great pizza making can really be. No skilled labor, easy to train( in one day,)  no burnt pizzas, no unhappy customers, just perfect pizza!

Perfect Pizza all the time Priceless ! Call us today and we will show you how!  1800 OVEN- 053 https://brickovensforsale.com/








Brick Ovens For Sale
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