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Scot Cosentino winning Worlds Best Pizza for the Original Goodfellas Hylan Blvd. Staten Island NY 300x300 1

Brick Oven Pizza Success Story

Brick Oven Pizza Success StoryHere is another Brick Oven Pizza success story, this time from Florida.

Bob Catoro said ” My place in Florida is doing great we have a full house almost every night”. We also get fantastic reviews from the local newspapers regularly . I really never thought that I would be this successful. Honestly I didn’t know a thing about pizza before I met you guys at the pizza school.   I can’t say enough and I know I could not have done it with out them! They truly care and go out of their way to help people succeed . Andrew and Scot are incredible they helped me with everything i needed to get started from lay out to equipment and recipes!”

The Goodfella's Pizza School Goodfella’s Pizza School of NY

The Goodfella’s Pizza School of NY has been training successful Pizza makers from all over the world including state and world champions. Those same Champions swear by the the incredible high production, consistency and ease of operation from the Inferno series Revolving Brick Ovens from the NY Brick Oven Co.     

Why is there so much success?  First a and foremost, The crew from the New York Brick oven Company and the the Goodfella’s Pizza School of NY have decades of experience in all aspects of the pizza world.  From winning the World’s Best Pizza Title several times to owning and operating pizza restaurants around the country. Add to that incredible experience the fact they have personally consulted hundreds of restaurants helping owners Walk the path to Brick Oven Pizza Success!

Brick Oven Pizza Success Story       Why The Revolving Oven Helps Create Success

Ovens that create a consistent product at a very high rate of production without needing skilled labor are the key to success these days.  With the current lack of a SKILLED  labor  for the restaurant business it is now easier to train a person  to produce  a quality brick oven pizza.

Now you have a winning combination great pizza ovens and the best personal one on one training in the industry with world champion pizza makers.


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Pizza School Of New York

Goodfella’s Pizza School Of New York  Is the World’s Most Comprehensive, Hands-on Pizza Schools. The School Teaches All The Practical Aspects And The Art Of Pizza.   Whether you’re brand new and going into business for the first time, or have years of experience,  They have a great program just for you.

From The Pizza School New York!

Our goal is to teach our students to succeed and be confident in creating some of the world’s best pizza creations. Our instruction will instill knowledge and ability in all things pizza, from recipe building to preparation and finally creation.

Our classes are taught at the Original Goodfella’s of New York, established in 1992. This is a real live restaurant environment with nothing but continuous hands-on experience and personal training. Our master pizza trainers are owners and founders, (6 time National and International Pizza Champions) who have taught hundreds of students the art of pizza and have helped them to achieve their goals in being a successful pizzeria operator.

Through the years we have been featured in many TV programs, magazines,  catered on the Presidential Yacht and Gracie Mansion, and have received many prestigious accolades.

Each student works directly with our master trainers (owners and founders), who assure the student understands all that he or she learns and can produce great pizza from start to finish.

We provide compressive workbooks for training, recipes, product lists, equipment needs, and give continuous hard-won knowledge to all our students. Our classes and programs are tailored

exactly to what the student needs.

We make sure they learn all of what they are taught and graduate with confidence. Our classes are fun, exciting, hard work and extremely fulfilling.  After our students graduate, we support them by being available for their many questions during their pre-opening process. Check Us Out At The Pizza School Of New York

godfellas revolving oven

Goodfella’s Revolving Brick Oven

Goodfella’s Revolving Brick Oven has seen a lot of use over the years baking everything from Thanksgiving Turkeys to bread, to chicken and steak and even  the world-famous Vodka Pizza!

Goodfella’s Revolving Brick Oven

Yes, Scot Cosentino was responsible for creating the “Vodka Pie” back 1992 when at the end of long pizza making shift he decided to dip some pizza crust in a vodka sauce and the rest became pizza history. They soon won a national pizza title with the Vodka Pie and published the recipe, which led to a national trend of Vodka Pizza from one coast to the other. The point of the little story is that brick ovens are for use and the more you experiment the greater the chances of you coming up with a winner

Goodfella's Revolving Brick Oven

The Original Goodfella’s Brick Oven Pizza Vodka Pie 1992 Voted Best Pizza In America

The art of pizza making requires a bit of experimenting and trying new things. The funny thing about the Vodka Pie was that none of the customers wanted to try it because of the “pink sauce” originally until it was sampled throughout the place and became a best seller and signature pizza. Today you will find the Vodka Pie all over the country with many interpretations as well. But there will always be only one Original Vodka Pizza! By the way, you can still stop in at The Original Goodfellas and try the pie that started the craze!

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Live from Pizza Expo 2106

Marc and Scot Cosentino live from pizza Expo 2106 with the Goodfella’s, The Pizza School of New York and the only rear fired revolving brick oven in the industry from the New York Brick oven Company. This  is truly a great place to be for all the pizza lovers of the world. It’s where we show off what we can do and tell the world about our incredible brick ovens.

For as long as the pizza Expo has been around we have been attending the show.  It was always a great place to get together with vendors , friends and see what was happening in the industry.

Things have really changed since those humble beginnings the show is now packed with thousands of spectators hundreds of vendors and some of the wildest things you can imagine. Most people, in the beginning, did not even know what brick oven pizza was. we would make pizza with fresh mozzarella and people would ask “what type of cheese is that?” Gourmet pizza really fueled the industry and now the fast casual pizza concepts have lit it on fire. Every week we get calls from people looking to start a fast casual concept. The funny thing also is that a lot of them say I want to open a pizza place and serve Neapolitan pizza. When I ask them what is that they really don’t know. I mean are they talking about Neapolitan or  what we call New York style brick oven pizza?  Then I explain what the difference is and they say yes I’m looking for a new york style brick oven  pizza, not a soft burnt pizza.  So we offer them some good advice and always recommend

The Pizza School of New York This way they can learn all styles of pizza and then decide what the best pizza is to make for themselves. New York Brick Oven Pizza? Neapolitan Pizza ? Grandma Pizza ?  We teach them all styles and then they make it their own.

Neapolitan Pizza

Pizza Neapolitan


pizza places


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Revolving Brick Oven

Revolving Brick Ovens

The Amazing Revolving        Brick Oven

Revolving Brick Ovens Rock the Industries Hottest Brick Ovens. Revolving Brick Ovens will make your pizza concept hot and easy!  With 7 great models to choose from: Wood , wood gas, or  gas backlit revolving brick ovens. We have the perfect oven for you. Revolving Brick Ovens are the Industries Hottest trend Today.  Incredible fast casual concepts, brew pubs, and chain concepts are all making the switch. The main reasons being that the oven is simple to train your staff on and consistency  of product.

Revolving Brick Ovens -Fast Casual Solutions.

We have the only backfired revolving oven in the Industry : The Fire Series Ovens.  With  patented heated cooking floors our ovens will produce hundreds of perfect pizzas per hour with ease.

Bistro Series.

Our Bistro Model the 85 series is also the smallest revolving brick  oven for commercial use on the market.  Gas or wood this is the ultimate bistro oven.  Perfect for adding pizza to your bar concept. Small footprint you can add an oven and pizza station in as little as a 10′ x 15′ spot. This allows operators to add pizza a high-profit low food cost item with ease!    We offer complete financing on all models and can easily install our ovens through any 36″ door.

Learn How To Make Pizza!

Don’t know how to make pizza? Train your staff with the world Champion Pizza Team at  The Pizza School of New York . They offer one on one training and complete manuals for your team with all recipes so they can make some of the world’s best pizza!

The revolving brick oven is revolutionizing the pizza industry. So Join The revolution today and call today.  New York Brick Oven Company! We are the fast casual solution to boost your profits and make your pizza concept rock! 1800 OVEN -053!




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