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What is the best temperature for pizza baking?

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What is the best temperature for pizza baking? Well, this can be a loaded question depending on who you ask. That being said I always feel that any pizza is better than no pizza.  Here are some observations based on using the same dough(which is a mixture of semolina and flour) baked in the same revolving brick oven at several different temperatures.

First: we baked at about 650 which takes about 4 minutes and allows the top of the pizza adequate time to dry while the dough has time to set up and bake slow and even. This allows for a very consistent crust with a chewy texture.  A softer consistency for your outer crust with a nice bottom cook,  similar to the smooth New York Style type of pizza .New York is usually baked in the 500-600 degree range. This temperature is ideal for heavy toppings ,  multiple toppings or heavy sauce pies since it allows for drying of the extra moisture associated with this type of pie.

 New York Style Brick Oven Pizza

Brick Oven PizzaSecond: We baked at our favorite temperature of about 770 degrees which takes about 2 and a half to 3 minutes bake time for a small standard pizza (12” 9 oz dough ball). This happens to be our choice for what we call a New York style Brick Oven Pizza.  New York Style Brick oven pizza is crispy and can be picked up by the slice . At this temperature your getting a consistently golden colored crust across the bottom of your pie and a slightly crisper outer crust that has time to rise and set up. The crust will rise even more if you move the pizza one time about one minute in. The extra heat from moving it boosts the crust higher and you get some nice bubbles too.

New York Style Brick Oven Pizza


This pizza is best when evenly topped without overloading the pie with toppings. This  allows for some drying of ingredients and the heat to penetrate the whole pie and crust.  .This temperature also creates a pie that is well suited for pick up and delivery. At this temperature, you can still make a well-done pie that is not burnt but slightly  covered with the black blisters.

Neapolitan Style Pizza

pizza baking

Neapolitan Pizza

Pizza Neapolitan Cooked in 90 seconds in the Inferno Series Brick Ovens

Third:This is the hottest Temperature category and the traditional Neapolitan pizza comes in this range  850 to 900f . Using the same dough with an extra 5% hydration .  We get a different style  of pizza!

Due to the High temperature,  you get a quick  “delicate’ puffy rise of the crust. The dough is airy due to the extra water and steam that creates air pockets. The traditional charring associated with Neapolitan Pizza occurs due to the high heat and expansive dough. This also creates  bottom with  dark spots “leopard spots” on the bottom as well as the top.

Toppings need to be very light and sparse,  due to the short cooking time the pie still needs to cook through. Also, the lighter crust structure  and lack of bake time can not  evaporate additional moister from the topping a cook them through. This style of pizza can have a tremendous flavor profile. But due to the moisture in this pizza, it’s  not well suited for pick up or delivery .

Traditionally Neapolitan style pizza is made from a very fine flour a double 00 Italian flour with  greater hydration content and result in a much lighter softer  pizza than the ones tested.  This type of pizza requires a knife and fork to eat.

Regardless of bake time each pie was very well received and enjoyed thoroughly by the participants in this project. Depending on your location you can visit many types of pizza places using many kinds of ovens and dough. Then begin to narrow down the type of pizza you would like to make and that  your customers will  enjoy.

Pizza School New York

The Worlds Best Pizza School

Of course, you will have to experiment a bit to create your own recipe and see what temperature, moisture content, and toppings that  work best.  Or you can come to the pizza school of New York and learn all the styles.   You will also need a great oven like a revolving brick oven that can do it all. Happy Pizza to you.

Pizza School of New York

Brick Oven Renaissance

Brick Oven Renaissance

The Brick Oven Renaissance has Begun and with  fast casual Pizza and  amazing brick ovens that are  making  it all happen. Developing great fast casual concepts starts with a vision and great pizza. The industry is exploding with many new great players , fresh ideas and new “spins” on pizza.  The New York Brick oven company is truly helping pave the way for the brick oven revolution. Traditional brick ovens have been around for over a 1000 years.  Now we  have combined   modern technology and old world tradition to bring forth a true renascence  in pizza making.   To meet the  demands for easier production and consistent products the true challenge of a brick oven. We introduced the revolving brick oven that makes the art of pizza simple.  

True artisan pizza  is truly an art!

That art depends on upon  several things, great pizza recipes, fresh products, and a truly skilled pizza maker who can operate a wood fired oven.   We have helped many people overcome those barriers with the revolving brick oven The revolving brick oven makes life easy. It allows operators to make perfect pizza consistently with hardly any skill. Just place the pizza in the oven and let it cook. No turning pies no burning pies and no crowning them (lifting them up to cook the top) You can truly train your employees in a few hours  instead of weeks.

The Benefits of a revolving Brick Oven

The benefits of a revolving oven  far out way that of a traditional oven. In today’s market hiring, good employees are quite a challenge. The strain of operating a traditional wood oven is also very wearing on anyone. Haveing to stand in front of an oven and keep your arms and body exposed to extreme heat can be brutal. The pies have to move every 30 seconds and sometimes faster. Many pies are cooked well on one side and burnt. This causes waste and bad products, bad products cause lost customers and failed business.

With the revolving brick oven, those above issues are a thing of the past  easy operations fast production and consistent products.

We invite everyone to come and cook with us so you can truly see and experience the difference that a revolving brick oven can make.

for an incredible pizza school,  check out the Pizza school of New York



Brick Oven Renaissance

Great Brick Ovens

Great interview with our friends at Revolve Fast Casual Pizza! Wonderful news story and some fabulous dishes from Eric. Best wishes and continued success.

Neapolitan Pizzas

Consistent, Fast, Crisp, Easy-Brick Oven Pizza

Whether you are a pizza champion, TV Star, pizza instructor or just a billionaire looking for a great pie you can’t do it without a great oven. Now if you want to make that pizza fast, consistent and easy in a brick oven oven, your choice goes down to only one-the revolving brick oven from the New York Brick Oven Company. Not only does it bake the perfect pie but they set a record at pizza expo 2014 with 201 pies cooked in 52 minutes. Now that is cooking with fire!

Revolving Brick Ovens

Brick Oven Revolution

revolve pizza kitchen The “Gold Rush” is on and the hat spot is Fast Casual Pizza. With new contenders joining the game weekly and plenty of room to grow it seems there is a big future for correctly executed concepts. The need for good hearty food served in a friendly environment at reasonable cost ensures pizza will always have a place in America. Regardless if your a trained chef making exotic gourmet pizza, a simple pizza man making a traditional pizza or any where in between, the key is always being able to deliver a fresh, hot product at a viable rat of speed to handle your rush. The rush is usually those few hours on a Friday and Saturday night, when hopefully all hell breaks loose and the demand is impossible to keep up with. The rush is where places are made and unmade. Disappointed customers put on hold because your oven can’t keep up or slows down will put a bad taste in your patrons mouth and the cost of losing local weekly customers adds up quickly over the course of a year. Your line must be organized and your oven quick like the revolving ovens in the concepts such as Revolve, Spin, Goodfella’s and Pizza Locale’. These operators know that a great product is essential but getting it out fast makes all the difference in the world of pizza survival. Don’t get caught in the dust by using a conventional fixed deck brick oven. Call 1-800-oven-053 now!


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Our friends from Wood Stone Craft Pizza at Goodfella's Brick Oven Pizza New York

The best thing about the pizza industry is the fantastic people you meet on a daily basis. Customers from all over the world stop by to “try the pizza I have been hearing about”. Many new friends are made this way and over the years they become “part of the family” often sharing in special occasions and celebrations for them and us which always seem to be squeezed in as business permits or often enough our own birthdays and special occasions become part of the show. When you add having the Pizza School of New York and the New York Brick Oven Company to an already busy location such as Goodfella’s Pizza you get a very eclectic group of people from around the neighborhood, city, state, country and world converging on one spot to enjoy making, creating pizza concepts and most importantly enjoying the object of desire-fresh pizza right out of the revolving brick oven!