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The Beatles Of Brick Ovens

Rocking the Pizza World

Meet The Beatles Of Brick Ovens Yeah, Yeah ! The Revolving Brick Ovens Of the New York Brick Oven Company have taken America by storm and just like the Beatles.  There was a lot of kickback from some old fashioned brick oven men until of course, those old timers witnessed a live performance. “It’s hard to continue to fight the coming revolution . “Especially when it is so obvious and so many other Americans are embracing it,” said Marc Cosentino co-founder of the Goodfella’s Brick Oven Pizza . The fact is that these are brick ovens with a little “twist”. Just like a traditional brick oven, they have a lot of thermal mass (the ability to maintain temperature due to the sheer volume of material). And just like a conventional oven you can fire it with wood but due to several innovations you get the best of both worlds.

Old World Structure Meets Modern Production

Old world structure meets modern production.  Benefits are  ease of operation while making a better and more consistent product.  If that’s not enough how about labour savings due to the fact that it takes a  much   lower level  skill needed for daily operation of your oven . This alone can save you tens of thousands of dollars per year.

Speed and Reliability

You will always have guys who think a model T ford is preferable to a Maserati. But when you need to get far in rush hour traffic which would you prefer? Same idea here. When you need reliability, speed and consistency without having to hire an expensive rocket scientist to work the oven, the revolving brick oven is for you.  The bottom line is you might not need to make 100 pizzas in  30 minutes all the time, or even some of the time, but when you get that rush our oven has you covered. Fast service and quality products that is part of the recipe for success.

So get your oven today and join the Revolution!

Brick Oven Lovers

Great brick pizza

Revolving Brick Oven

Who will be the King of fast Casual Pizza

The Race is on to see who  will be the king of fast casual pizza .

The Fast Casual Pizza is happening and the players just keep on coming: Spin Neapolitan, Revolve, Pie Craft, Pizza Fire, Cucinova, Blaze, Chipotle, and Fuel just to name a few. But every day a new concept joins the ranks determined to make its mark. Fast sustainable growth with good ROR(return on investment) is the goal. Simple enough in theory but how to go about it is the rub. Most of the big players are coming in with big guns a blazing- like former CEOs from other successful chains, while some concepts are counting on celebrity power or very deep pockets. Then there are others that are making the move one place at a time and bankrolling each additional store with funds from the last success.

Other are just raising funds with initial offerings while still others are selling franchises at an alarming rate with the hopes of delivering.

Many roads lead to Rome  and there is more than one way to skin a cat as the sayings go. It will be very interesting to see how this plays out. Speed of expansion is always a problem for the guys looking to dominate the market.  The first guys to market seem to  always have an advantage, but in this day and age of social media, instant celebrity, polarized politics, hipsters and Donald Trump, it’s going to be interesting to see who can navigate the waters with success, and who will be just another player in the big game.

Speed, image, ability to connect with customers, a great product, and ultimately smart  management will prevail.


This is truly an  exciting time  to be on the frontier of  the  Fast Casual Pizza race. May the best team and all others have success as well!







New York Brick Oven Pizza!

New York Brick Oven Pizza

The country is undergoing a pizza revolution which was created in New York by the original pizza kings of pizza  such as “Tortonos’s Pizza in Coney Island Brooklyn where when the owner Jerry died in 1994 the New York papers proclaimed “The King of Pizza is dead”. The Pizza style is New York Brick Oven Pizza! Fresh mozzarella cooked in a brick oven with wood or coal. No “oo” Italian imported flour just American high gluten flour at its best!  

New York Brick Oven Pizza

New York Brick Oven Style Pizza Gourmet at Its Best!

A huge acknowledgment for the man whose family helped put another New York mainstay-Lombardi’s Pizza on the map. Lombardi’s was the first licensed pizza place in America dating back to 1905 on Mulberry street New York.  Patsy’s up in Harlem which came on the scene early in the 1930’s and is another famous New York brick oven pizzeria.  like Lombardi’s and Tortono’s also featured handmade, hand-tossed, fresh mozzarella and fresh homemade sauce cooked in a coal-burning brick oven.The ovens they use are like the ones many turn of the century  bakeries have been using to bake fantastic bread.

New York Brick Oven Pizza

Then in the early 90’s a couple of young upstarts from Brooklyn who had been fans of New York’s finest pizza places.  Decided to open the first wood burning brick oven pizza place in the “forgotten borough”of Staten Island.   But along with the standard Margarita pizza,  that the other famous pizza places were doing. They took it up a notch and created a line of unique and truly “gourmet” pizzas such as the original Vodka Pie, dessert pies, and the Mushroom Madness made with the relatively,  unknown at the time, porcini mushroom. They called their place Goodfella’s Brick Oven Pizza . The style of pizza that they mastered was True New York Brick Oven Pizza style “of course”  and soon became pizza celebrities featured in all the local media and then international media as well after being voted the best pizza in the country at Jacob Javits Center New york City.

Now not to be New York biased. It would be rude to leave out the left-hand coast and the incredible success of California Pizza Kitchen who took the brick oven idea and put the California twist on it with such great pizzas like the BBQ Chicken, Tai, and Jamaican Jerk Chicken then built the concept to international status. With the advent of cooking shows and the fantastic popularity of gourmet foods, social media, 24 hour a day television and the increase of public awareness regarding fresh food, the organic craze, celebrity chefs and a demand for new and exciting dining experiences, the stage was set for the current Fast Casual Pizza Trend.

 The Fast Casual Pizza Trend

The Fast Casual Pizza trend is the right thing at the right time and fills a need for a premium gourmet food item that is both fast and easy to transport without diminishing the flavor and eating experience. Chipotle, the fast casual giant, is currently developing its pizza chain model called Pizza Local and has many industry experts eagerly standing by to see how it evolves with its revolving brick oven for speed and consistency for its fresh made dough. Some other up and coming names to watch out for that are also using the revolving brick ovens are Revolve, Spin Neapolitan, Pie Craft and The Pies the Limit.

The Pizza School of New York 

The other big player behind the scene in this game is The Pizza School of New York  which has been setting industry standards by training students in an actual restaurant on the latest revolving brick ovens. They teach New York Style Brick Oven Pizza and all types of classic pizza too. It is a real time “hands” on experience.  They are credited for creating many successful operators and local pizza sensations all over the world . This is an exciting time for the pizza world !  The consumers are the biggest winners with ever increasing choices and locations to get great pizza.



Fast Casual Pizza Discussion

 Fast Casual Pizza Discussion

Fast Casual Pizza

Top 10 “Fast Casual” traits and how they affect pizza today.  A fast casual pizza discussion.

Fast Casual refers to a certain type of restaurant which usually has most of these attributes:

1)      An apparent quality improvement over fast food. This is created by the branding of  fresh food promoted and prepared in front of the customer. And eliminating the possibility of frozen processed foods. This is often enhanced with a promise of GMO-free, free trade zone, and locally grown fresh produce.

2)      An upscale more comfortable and inviting atmosphere trendy decor and brand name.

3)      Interaction of customer and staff due to the need to order, pick, choose and direct the assembly and preparation of the food items.

4)      Varied, made to order wholesome food choices.

5)      Counter service with limited table service like food runners. No tipping Perceived value

6)      Very fast production and cook times.

7)      Healthier food items and items that are naturally grown, organic with free range meats and non-farmed fish.

8)      Perceived value with a cost that trends between fast food and casual full-service dining.

9)      Trendy upbeat environment and looks

10)   Aimed at the millennial consumer category.

So how does this affect pizza today and the exciting concepts reaching for the brass ring in the Gold Rush of the “Fast Casual Pizza” market?

This is an open fast Casual Pizza discussion for the pizza community.

 Fast Casual Pizza Discussion

Fast Casual Pizza

Fast Casual Pizza Franchise

NYC Slice Out Hunger Raises $30,000

Power By Pizza

Marc Cosentino of New York Brick Oven Co. Greets Mikey Rodriguez the first in line for Slice out Hunger 2014

NYC Slice Out Hunger Raises $30,000 

The incredible work of Scott Wiener paid off with these statistics:

1,000 people through the door.

NYC Slice

1000 people Help raise 30,000

8659 tickets sold.
$30k TOTAL RAISED including online donations and sponsors.
Slice Out Hunger

Great Pizza Men

150,000 meals delivered to New Yorkers in need.
50 participating pizzerias featuring the best in all areas such as New York Style, Neapolitan, Fast Casual and Gourmet.
Slice Out Hunger

Pizza Lover Help

ALL FIVE BOROUGHS REPRESENTED plus Hoboken and Jersey City and Caldwell, NJ.

Pizza the worlds best

This is what a bunch of volunteer pizza men and aficionados can do to help out people in need in the Big Apple. “I have never seen so many smiling New Yorkers in one place”  said Marc Cosentino of the New York Brick Oven Co who was on hand to slice it out to the waiting crowd which wound around the block and down Houston St, in NYC viagrafromuk.com.
Slice Out Hunger

Pizza Rules

Pizza Place Start Up

Food Presentation for Pizza

Food Presentation for Pizza

                           Sliced Zucchini Pizza

Food Presentation for Pizza

Perfect Pizza Presentation

Food Presentation for Pizza

Have you ever heard the saying “People eat with their eyes”? Well, until a person actually tries a dish the only reality he has about it is the appearance. Of course, nothing will compensate for a poorly executed dish as regards to taste but the art of the presentation can help an ordinarily good dish become great. Masterfully done presentation adds a level of anticipation and excitement while heightening the dining experience. Plating alone can entice new customers to try a dish or even help them make that crucial first visit if your food items are tastefully displayed on your promotional materials such as flyers, menus, and the internet. Maybe you yourself have looked at a dish on a table near you in a new restaurant and thought “boy that looks good. I wonder what she is having.” Well, this art can be developed and applies to pizza also. The sky is the limit but here are a couple of ideas to work with:
Color-A splash of vibrant color such as reds, greens, yellows and orange are great against a white cheese background.
Contrast-this applies to not only your pizza (ex, the bright yellow and green of zucchini contrasts well with the red and white of cheese and sauce) but the background setting such as table cloth, dishes, pepper mill or cheese wedge can also create an image in your customer’s mind.
Garnish-This can be on your pizza like fresh basil leaves or freshly grated cheese.
Shapes and Sizes- You can make a square, round, rectangle or tennis racket shaped as in Italy, then pinch your edges with your fingers, a fork or spoon to form a unique crust.
There is no pizza rule book so play around, take a lot of photos and present your pizza Food Presentation for Pizza is an Art!!

Revolving Brick Ovens

Brick Oven Revolution

revolve pizza kitchen The “Gold Rush” is on and the hat spot is Fast Casual Pizza. With new contenders joining the game weekly and plenty of room to grow it seems there is a big future for correctly executed concepts. The need for good hearty food served in a friendly environment at reasonable cost ensures pizza will always have a place in America. Regardless if your a trained chef making exotic gourmet pizza, a simple pizza man making a traditional pizza or any where in between, the key is always being able to deliver a fresh, hot product at a viable rat of speed to handle your rush. The rush is usually those few hours on a Friday and Saturday night, when hopefully all hell breaks loose and the demand is impossible to keep up with. The rush is where places are made and unmade. Disappointed customers put on hold because your oven can’t keep up or slows down will put a bad taste in your patrons mouth and the cost of losing local weekly customers adds up quickly over the course of a year. Your line must be organized and your oven quick like the revolving ovens in the concepts such as Revolve, Spin, Goodfella’s and Pizza Locale’. These operators know that a great product is essential but getting it out fast makes all the difference in the world of pizza survival. Don’t get caught in the dust by using a conventional fixed deck brick oven. Call 1-800-oven-053 now!


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Welcome to the Pizza Family

pizza family

Our friends from Wood Stone Craft Pizza at Goodfella's Brick Oven Pizza New York

The best thing about the pizza industry is the fantastic people you meet on a daily basis. Customers from all over the world stop by to “try the pizza I have been hearing about”. Many new friends are made this way and over the years they become “part of the family” often sharing in special occasions and celebrations for them and us which always seem to be squeezed in as business permits or often enough our own birthdays and special occasions become part of the show. When you add having the Pizza School of New York and the New York Brick Oven Company to an already busy location such as Goodfella’s Pizza you get a very eclectic group of people from around the neighborhood, city, state, country and world converging on one spot to enjoy making, creating pizza concepts and most importantly enjoying the object of desire-fresh pizza right out of the revolving brick oven!