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How To Promote Your Pizza Place

Promote Promote Promote!

How To Promote Your Pizza Place

Goodfella’s Captain America Pizza Car

Watching my facebook friend Grant Cardone go on and on about getting known and attracting attention I thought I might as well share some very hard-won knowledge on the subject to help my friends just getting started. I’d like to first say that IT IS SO MUCH EASIER TODAY THAN IT HAS EVER BEEN TO GET ATTENTION FOR BUSINESS!!! What do I mean by this? The internet, cell phones, home printing, email, blogs, online ordering, electronic press releases, computers, youtube, facebook, Instagram, search engines and a host of other items that make it so easy to get out there that it may seem overwhelming or too easy.
No matter how incredible your product is, if nobody knows it exists, you will never sell one item and die broke a complete failure. What you need besides a great product is getting it known. I have some experience in this having generated hundreds of newspaper articles, TV news stories, hundreds upon hundreds of pages on google search, lead google stories, 100’s of thousands of hits on youtube videos, twenty years of NYC Mayors visiting my original store, having my pizza bet on the NY Giants by the Mayor of New York when They won the Superbowl, radio and I think you get the point. SO how did I do it? More importantly; how do you do it? If you do a portion of what I advise you here I guarantee you will succeed in getting your product known. With good management and a consistent product you should start expanding.

  1. list out all the people you know and every group, organization and social club you belong to. Note: Yes, work and a burning desire to succeed are a necessity so no crying!
    Believe it or not but the people most likely to promote you are the ones you already know so start contacting them and letting them know what you are doing and don’t be afraid to ask for help getting the word out because most-not all people are good. Email. call, visit, write letters, make post cards, put up signs and contact each and everyone of them. Invite them to your grand opening and tell them to bring their friends. Yes I said it and if you thought for one second “Oh my god how would I ever handle that many people” you need to rethink your promotional philosophy and heres why. A true promoter never stops and never, ever considers delivery, just getting the people in-period. I don’t care how you do it and you don’t care about handling them, that’s another part of the job called production or delivery. Your only concern when you wear the promotional hat is promoting. What is promoting? It’s making things known and well thought of. It’s getting the word out and creating interest.
  2. Signs announcing your product. Let’s take pizza since it is why we are here. You need to tell people you are coming and get your name on everyone’s tongue. Signs on your place, signs on your car, signs on your clothes, on your dog, kids. hats, cards
  3. Everywhere you go, shopping, barber, car wash, doctor, school. little league, diner, dog groomer you talk it up and introduce yourself and give out cards or better yet coupons for everyone.
  4. When you open you go and hand out samples to all these people-don’t worry about the cost because it will have a return on investment way over what any paid advertising def: paid offers of your product in various media. WORD OF MOUTH is always your best promotion and will always bring greater results than paid ads.
  5. video on your iPhone all of the above and dump it on your new youtube channel, facebook, instagram, twitter accounts your opening in the next step
  6. open twitter, youtube, facebook, instagram, linked in and every other social media account you can find. And continually put up photos and videos of your progress and promotion.
    (to be continued)
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