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Best Brick Oven and Why!

You deserve the best brick oven for your business don’t you?

Amazing Pizza

Wouldn’t you like super high production? Speed? Ease of operation? Consistency? Durability? Simple training? 

Well you can have it all with the NY Brick Oven Company.  Their revolving Brick Ovens are the essential pizza equipment for any pizza esablishment looking to compete in the pizza market. Why are the Rotating Ovens from Ny Brick Oven Company the choice of Champion Pizza Men and top chefs across the world? Because they are that good!

Commercial Pizza Ovens

An artisan pizza fresh and hot from the NY brick oven co. Revolving Brick oven

A steady temperature that you can set and forget-no more hassle trying to keep temperature by how much wood you put in or how big the fire is. Wood is not your main heat source.

An extremly dense Italian Lava stone cooking service to maintain temeperature and recover quickly during heavy traffic times.

Easy operation with no fancy or delicate controls-built tough for the American work-force.

Well insulated to keep heat in the oven where it is needed.

Steady even radiant heat ensures all pizzas are consistent and perfectly baked.

Can be built on locationand all parts brough in through a standard 36 inch door.

Can be ordered in a traitional dome style or better yet it can be facaded by the owner to match his own decor, style and taste.

Thsi is the way to go for the smart operator looking to get ahead and stay ahead of his competition. Call now for more details!

Brick Ovens For Pizza Trailers

New York Brick Ovens 85 Wood Gas Revolving Brick Oven


fast casual pizza pizza concepts

Revolving Brick Oven Cooking

 Let’s Get Cooking

Revolving Brick Oven Cooking! Check out the Pizza school of New York Team demonstrating Revolving brick oven cooking with incredible creation in the Inferno Series 140 Gas Wood Oven,  New York Brick Ovens is the Industry leader in revolving brick ovens and fast-casual pizza solutions!



Revolving Brick Oven Cooking and Pizza School

If you want to learn to learn the art of pizza and Revolving Brick Oven Cooking, incredible
dishes check out the Pizza School of New York.  They teach the art of pizza and everything you can think of!

Learn from the best!!!!  Here at the Pizza School of New York, our courses are taught by three World Champion Pizza Makers:  Scot Cosentino, Andrew Scudera, and Salvatore Russo.  Our students grasp every aspect of what we teach because of a professional live environment, with personal one on one instruction.  Our students leave with the ability and confidence to create some of the best pizza’s in the world.  As you can see from the video below, our students get a taste of Wood Fired cooking at it best with many other great profitable menu ideas other than just pizza!


The best investment to make when getting into the pizza business is to first invest in yourself.

The Goodfella’s Pizza School of NY will give you the experience you need to be a powerhouse in a very competitive pizza market.  We can teach you many styles of pizza, not just one style like other schools.  The one on one personal training is the only way to learn.  The benefit to one on one training is tremendous, allowing our students to pause the class and ask important questions they need answers to, mastering every task they learn along the way.  It’s a live environment where not only are you learning, you are serving the actual patrons of the restaurant and getting the true experience of the restaurant atmosphere and true customer satisfaction.  So call us today if you’re serious about being the best and avoiding the pitfalls a novice makes in this business.  718-987-2422

Revolving Brick Oven Cooking

The Words Best Team New York Brick oven Co. Pizza School New York and Goodfella’s Pizza!


Commercial Brick Ovens

Neapolitan Pizza cooked in the Inferno series

Revolving Brick Ovens

NY Brick Oven Co. Pizza

Basic Brick oven pizza from revolving deck brick oven.

Revolving Brick Oven Cooking


Come cook with us and see why Revolving Brick Oven Cooking is the only solution to easy operations.

The Fast Casual Solution

Revolving Brick Ovens For Sale

The Revolving Brick Oven Speed In Reading the incredible Scott Wiener’s Article Speed vs. Quality Pizza  (you can see it here :Speed Verses Quality)

It really brought home the fact that the Revolving Brick Oven is the only  answer to making great products simple and fast!  My own years of experience, owning many high volume pizza shops  (very high demand shops) that required us  to build a  gigantic 12-foot wide brick oven.  And even adding ovens in the basement after realizing that we cant just keep up with the production  .   We realized years ago that there had to be a better way. The training , the work, the burnt pizza, the under cooked pizza the high cost of skilled labor. It was enough to get the wheels spinning  and the Pizza!    That’s when we started looking at building  revolving brick ovens to make it easy and fast  to produce fast consistent products. The challenge was  to maintain the incredible quality expected from our loyal clientele that have been patronizing us for generations.  So to keep a long story short we  derided that we had to get better at what we id and deign ovens that would handle the demand .

The Revolving Brick Oven.

Revolving Brick Oven

The Revolving Brick Oven

A decade ago no one would have thought about it being a smart way to go. There were so many new brick oven places begin to open and all the new owners were correct that this was the way to be better. But they did not have options nor did they know the work involved and skill needed to manage a brick oven. Now the existing operators understand and so many of them are now switching over even removing older ovens  from their existing locations. They do it with some hesitation but the truth be told once they operate the revolving oven life gets easy!

No more training staff for weeks, no more being held hostage by skilled labor just great consistent products made easy. So why suffer when you can join the revolution and be a success story too! Today we make it simple!

Revolving Brick Oven


The Inferno Series Wood Fire and Gas oven.

                 Speed 200 pies per hour!  

                 So Rock The Pizza World! 

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Revolving Brick Oven Solutions

Revolving brick oven solutions are fueling the fast casual pizza trend. The new fast gourmet pizza trend is  moving fast with such players like Revolve Pizza Kitchen  ,Spin Neapolitan Pizza, Fresh Fired, PieCraft, PizzaFire, 1000 Degree,  and so many others. They are now  easily expanding due to the ease of operation and consistent products that are produced with the  revolving brick oven solution  .

Ease Of Operation

In the past, it was virtually impossible to get a consistent pizza from regular brick ovens due to the variations in cooking styles, temperatures and skilled labor among pizza makers even in the same concept or restaurant. Not only that but the requirement of extensive training and finding skilled labor was both time and cost prohibitive. The answer was beyond simple for savvy operators looking to make a better product with fewer errors. A fast and effective expansion is always a problem for any operation team . When you add variable requirements difficult training it becomes quite difficult  for the manager on the ground running the show . Especially when he has to depend on a one or two key employees for both production and training.

“The revolving brick oven solution solved  this problem and saved me money,” said Andrew Scudera of Goodfella’s Brick Oven Pizza. “Not only that but it made my life easy, as it really was a no-brainer” he added. This is the kind of report we get time after time from people using the revolving brick ovens.  We even have one on a food truck in Canada doing a really high production job of making pizza at fairs.

Being able to set your cooking temperature with ease also adds to the ease of baking consistently. Not having to use long pizza peels ( as with stationary brick ovens) saves room and accidents . Basically, you get all the benefit of a brick oven with none of the drawbacks.  ForRevolving Brick Oven Solutions take a look at some our videos to see for yourself and make your pizza life easy.

New York Brick Oven Delivery Girl


BWD bar 2

The True Value of a Revolving Brick Oven

Many people have advice on many various topics, some of this advice is valuable and some is not. In fact, I would go as far as to say many people’s opinions are not based on fact, experience or results so why bother to listen to them at all? Unless they have valid credentials  and are a genuine accredited source their advice can actually be damaging  . America is loaded with opinionated people who are not experts and whose advice, opinion or direction is actually harmful-just turn on the TV and you will understand. So how do you know who to trust? A friend in the industry is usually a good place to  start.  Researching  and checking out the source is another.  But the best way to determine truth and accuracy is by results.

That being said I will give you some credentials and experience: Our first Brick oven pizza place Goodfella’s Brick oven Pizza is still open and serving customers in NYC after 2 decades of operation. This in and of itself is a great source of pride and an incredible accomplishment in a place where the life expectancy of the average restaurant is based on a 5-year curve. We have cooked millions of pizzas and I have cooked tens of thousands of them myself in brick ovens. We have won international and national pizza contests and have been featured on all the major news networks, CNN and the cover of the New York Daily News and PMQ Magazine. We have built ovens across the country and helped train hundreds of entrepreneurs while consulting on scores of projects with top chefs and pizza chains. I say all this to let you decide if my opinion is valid and if you should even bother to continue reading. So if you’re still with me, here are the reasons why revolving brick ovens are valuable from my viewpoint:

The True Value of a Revolving Brick Oven

Ease of operation.

You do not have to manage a fire while rotating pizza and spinning it with a long pizza peel as you try to avoid the inevitable hot spots and cold spots that develop as you cook on the surface of a conventional brick oven.

Surface utilization. The entire cooking surface of a revolving brick oven is usable without the hot spots and cold spots. You don’t have a fire on the cooking surface(taking up valuable deck surface).  You don’t have an unusable cooking area near the fire since the fire is not on the deck and you won’t burn your pie when it is too close to the fire on an unusably hot surface.

Consistent baking temperature.

If you have had to stop in your busiest hours to let your oven heat up or cool it down from too little or too much fire you will really understand this one and then imagine an inexperienced pizza man and it spells DISASTER.

Ease of training.

Instead of months to train and expensive pizza man to work the oven it only takes a quick demonstration and off you go and yes it is that easy.

$$$ Savings.

With a conventional brick oven, you will always have one man stuck working  the oven if even only 1 pizza is in it, to avoid burning. Less skilled labor.

Consistently baked pizza.

No variations due to different  people working the oven. Your pizza is always baked the way you want it.

No oven fade. Your oven won’t quit in the middle of the rush because the surface got cold.


We set a world record at pizza expo-200 pies in 51 minutes from 1 oven.

I could go on, and will be glad to when you call me ,but just know that you as an operator ,having the peace of mind of a reliable oven, turning out a reliable complaint free product, is priceless!  Happy pizza to you.

Brick Ovens For Sale19

Brick Oven Revolution

The “Gold Rush” is on and the hat spot is Fast Casual Pizza. With new contenders joining the game weekly and plenty of room to grow it seems there is a big future for correctly executed concepts. The need for good hearty food served in a friendly environment at reasonable cost ensures pizza will always have a place in America. Regardless if your a trained chef making exotic gourmet pizza, a simple pizza man making a traditional pizza or any where in between, the key is always being able to deliver a fresh, hot product at a viable rat of speed to handle your rush. The rush is usually those few hours on a Friday and Saturday night, when hopefully all hell breaks loose and the demand is impossible to keep up with. The rush is where places are made and unmade. Disappointed customers put on hold because your oven can’t keep up or slows down will put a bad taste in your patrons mouth and the cost of losing local weekly customers adds up quickly over the course of a year. Your line must be organized and your oven quick like the revolving ovens in the concepts such as Revolve, Spin, Goodfella’s and Pizza Locale’. These operators know that a great product is essential but getting it out fast makes all the difference in the world of pizza survival. Don’t get caught in the dust by using a conventional fixed deck brick oven. Call 1-800-oven-053 now!


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