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Why You Should Consider Rotating Brick Ovens

Why You Should Consider Rotating Brick Ovens



There’s nothing quite like running a successful pizzeria that keeps your customers happy. It’s no question that fast-casual and wood-fired authentic pizza is becoming more popular. As popularity increases, so does demand. This goes for pizza restaurants throughout the country. Today, we’re going to tell you why you need to consider rotating pizza ovens for your business. 


This is a big one. As more and more people come to your restaurant, demand grows. To match demand, you need to increase output. Even with the best pizza-making staff, mistakes happen. As the orders come in, the stress increases. 

A rotating pizza oven takes care of one of the most important parts of baking a pizza—rotating. Instead of having to turn the pizza manually, the stone spins with your masterpiece on top. This allows for even cooking and increased productivity. 


As the rotating pizza ovens do their work, you get to focus on serving your customers. Pizza makers can prepare ingredients, clean, and interact with customers instead. There’s nothing more important than taking care of your customers. With a rotating pizza oven, you can focus on continuing to be a world-class pizza maker. There’s no reason why the quality of your product should suffer. Increased business requires increased productivity, quality, and maintenance. 

Peace of Mind With Rotating Pizza Ovens

Lastly, rotating pizza ovens bring you peace of mind that traditional ovens don’t. When things get slammed, at least you know your pizzas are being cooked the best way they can. If a pizza isn’t rotated regularly, it won’t cook evenly. Thnk of the rotating pizza oven as your quality assurance manager, if you will. These ovens focus on producing the same quality product you’ve always made. So, now you can focus on everything else that goes into managing your restaurant. 

Check Out Our Rotating Pizza Ovens

Rotating brick ovens are one of the biggest revolutions in pizza making. For good reason, too! With the increased quality and speed of production, you can take your restaurant to the next level.

Look. We know there are tons of choices out there for pizza ovens. Let us show you some of our rotating pizza ovens here. The Fireshow Series is the only gas-fired back-lit rotating oven on the market. Additionally, Our Inferno Series ovens can burn wood with gas temperature control. With innovation like that, how can you not take a peek

Have questions for us? Reach out today, and we can help you with all your pizza oven needs! We also have a top-notch pizza school taught by the leading experts on all things pizza. The Pizza School of New York Call Today 


Pizza The Quick and the Dead

Pizza-The Quick and Dead.

In this fast-changing world, there is one thing for sure-SPEED of DELIVERY has a huge effect on volume, return customers and viability. How fast can you turn the tables? How fast can you get the deliveries and catering orders out? How many customers drive up and drive away when they see the long lines? How many customers stop ordering because your delivery time is too long? 

This is why so many operators are switching over to the New York Brick Oven Co. and their Revolving brick ovens.  These ovens set the World record at Pizza Expo and have proven themselves in the pizza battle around the country. Fueled by gas or gas and wood these ovens are both fast and consistent while having been compared to a Mack Truck for durability and a Ferrari for speed. The solid construction, heavy mass and Spitfire burner system ensures high output because the extra floor rotates and is radiantly heated evenly. This results in no hot spots, no cold spots and more importantly no having to continually shuffle the pizzas around in a hot oven. Another benefit to your employees is not having to reach into the oven with a long pizza peel because the pizza revolves and is in easy reach.  The trade secret extra dense cooking surface creates the perfect crust every time too.

Be ready to deliver and have the finest equipment in your place that will make it easier for you and your staff.  Since the oven is so easy to use it doesn’t require skilled labor and it is very easy to train new pizza makers to use.  This reduces training times and the need to pay highly skilled pizza makers.  World champion pizza men are using these ovens to make incredible artisan pizzas for their demanding customers so make your life easier and make that pizza faster become more profitable and manageable.

NY Brick Oven Co. Inferno Series

Fast, consistent gourmet pizza! NY Brick Oven Co.

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Commercial Brick Ovens For Sale

When it comes to Commercial Brick Ovens For Sale there is no better solution than the incredible line of wood or gas revolving brick ovens from the New York Brick Oven Company.

We are the industry leaders in revolving brick ovens. We offer three styles or models of ovens. Our Inferno Series, wood gas revolving oven comes in four sizes. The “disk” (Floor or Hearth) sizes are 140 cm, 125 cm, 105 cm, and 85 cm. As you can see we have the size and solution for all your pizza production needs.

Our Fire Show Series oven is the only rear flame oven on the market, and only uses gas. This oven is also available in all sizes as mentioned above, with installation through any 36″ door by our professional install team.

The Inferno Series and Fire Show Series come with a red metallic finish. They are facade ready so you can decorate your oven to fit any decor you might have.


The Cupola Series ovens are wood and gas combination ovens like the Inferno Series Ovens but with a round Dome (Cupola) and are available with Custom Tile Finishes


The Inferno Series Wood Gas Ovens Commercial Brick Ovens

The Inferno Series Oven With Custom Facade

The Inferno Series Oven With Brick Facade

The Fire Show Series Commercial Brick Ovens

Commercial Brick Oven
The Fire Show Series Ovens

The Fire Show Series Oven With Custom Facade


Commercial Brick Ovens
Fire Show Series


Commercial Brick Ovens
We also offer venting solutions for all your needs Free Drawings and Estimates
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Ash Vacuum to keep that brick oven clean.

 Ash Vacuum.

  I always recommend an Ash Vacuum.  When A customer asks a question about cleaning his brick oven,  I realized that after being in this business for so long there are things I take for granted. Forgive me if I overlook certain things but I always try to make it easier for the next guy. Cleaning a brick oven is a simple chore that requires removing the  ash/ flour/ food particles that usually burn completely and turn to dust due to the high cooking temperatures. Most often pizza men are constantly sweeping most of the ash out of the front of the oven as they cook keeping the flour and food residue down to a minimum. It is most often  pushed into the ash area in the case of a wood-fired brick oven or out swept out the front of the oven in the case of gas fired ovens.

Keeping your oven clean!

loveless ash vacuum

The vacuum you need to Keep your oven clean

Keeping your oven clean is a daily job.  When the ash builds up over a prolonged period of time.  It won’t hurt your brick oven, but it can slow down production.  If  The ash  builds up to the point of blocking the circulation of air and heat around your deck floor or gets into your burner system blocking the flame output. A simple way of handling this is to use an  ash vac such as the Loveless one pictured Below  It is designed for high temperatures  so you won’t have to leave the oven off to cool for days, although after a night off is best.

You should just set up a schedule and also do it as needed if the ash starts to build around the cooking surface.

Clean is always best for great pizza and this is a product that I have used and  I know it works well. They also have  an extension curved wand that makes it easier to get in crevices, so take advantage of an easy to use tool and happy pizza to you. As always make sure the oven is off  and unplugged before cleaning . There are many brands available click this link: to find them on  AMAZON ASH VAC 

Marc Cosentino NY Brick Oven Co. 

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rotating pizza ovens

build one of the best rotating pizza ovens in the world. If your looking for an
amazing brick oven that can produce perfect pizzas every time we have your
oven. Our inferno series oven is a Multi-Fuel oven that makes pizza making
simple. Why depend upon employees to make your pizza how they want it? With our
oven all you do is set the temperature and rotation speed. Every pizza will
come out perfect every time. This allows the operator to make perfect pizza,
save labor and have peace of mind. What’s that worth? Call us today and we will
be glad to answer all your questions.

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