The Beatles Of Brick Ovens

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The Beatles Of Brick Ovens

Rocking the Pizza World

Meet The Beatles Of Brick Ovens Yeah, Yeah ! The Revolving Brick Ovens Of the New York Brick Oven Company have taken America by storm and just like the Beatles.  There was a lot of kickback from some old fashioned brick oven men until of course, those old timers witnessed a live performance. “It’s hard to continue to fight the coming revolution . “Especially when it is so obvious and so many other Americans are embracing it,” said Marc Cosentino co-founder of the Goodfella’s Brick Oven Pizza . The fact is that these are brick ovens with a little “twist”. Just like a traditional brick oven, they have a lot of thermal mass (the ability to maintain temperature due to the sheer volume of material). And just like a conventional oven you can fire it with wood but due to several innovations you get the best of both worlds.

Old World Structure Meets Modern Production

Old world structure meets modern production.  Benefits are  ease of operation while making a better and more consistent product.  If that’s not enough how about labour savings due to the fact that it takes a  much   lower level  skill needed for daily operation of your oven . This alone can save you tens of thousands of dollars per year.

Speed and Reliability

You will always have guys who think a model T ford is preferable to a Maserati. But when you need to get far in rush hour traffic which would you prefer? Same idea here. When you need reliability, speed and consistency without having to hire an expensive rocket scientist to work the oven, the revolving brick oven is for you.  The bottom line is you might not need to make 100 pizzas in  30 minutes all the time, or even some of the time, but when you get that rush our oven has you covered. Fast service and quality products that is part of the recipe for success.

So get your oven today and join the Revolution!

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