Why a Brick Oven Is Best for Cooking Pizza

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Why a Brick Oven Is Best for Cooking Pizza

If you’ve been trying to find the best way to cook a pizza, you may have encountered brick ovens. These ovens offer many features making your pizzas taste fantastic, no matter what type of pizza you prefer. The following are some of the reasons why brick ovens are the best choice for cooking your pizzas.

Cooking from Above and Below

One of the primary benefits of using brick ovens to cook your pizza is the fact the pizza simultaneously cooks from above and below. The heat from the surface of the oven thoroughly cooks the dough for the perfect crunchy crust. In addition the thermal heat that warms the air cooks your toppings to perfection, ensuring the perfect pizza.

The Perfect Temperature

The temperature in traditional kitchen ovens can’t reach the same level as brick ovens. While your pizza will still cook at the lower temperature, it takes longer and won’t produce the same results. A brick oven can easily reach temperatures of around 700 degrees Fahrenheit, giving you the perfect pizza in a shorter period. In fact, you can get the perfect pizza in as little as two minutes.

Guaranteed Even Heating

Even heating is another essential element of baking the perfect pizza. Because the bricks on a brick oven insulate the inside, you can expect your pizza will cook more evenly, eliminating the risk of areas that aren’t done to perfection.

If you’re interested in cooking the ideal pizza with ease, contact us to learn more about the brick ovens we have for sale.

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