Why These Are The Best Brick Ovens For Sale

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Why These Are The Best Brick Ovens For Sale

Why Are These Best Brick Ovens For Sale?  We make amazing “façade ready” ovens so you can add your own flair and style to match your décor and brand. Every design is as unique as the operator and his brand . Wood Gas Combinations Revolving Brick ovens that are easily installed and façade ready . As you can see in the photos below our clients can get pretty creative with design and some even leave the oven the way it comes for a rather more industrial look.

The framing of the oven is quote simple use metal studs, backer board, and select the tile, stone, glass, brick or specific material you like.  We also build the basic oven on location so you dont have to take down walls doors windows or your building!

Here is some great data about our Revolving Brick Ovens.

They Make Consistent Pizza!

The way the pie moves around the oven allows for a perfect bake.  No more standing in front of the oven every second and turning pies and getting over cooked or burnt edges .

They Can Cook From 600 to 900F

So you can cook pizza as fast as 90 seconds or cook a little slower for different styles of pizza. They are also great for baking bread, steaks, wings,  appetizers and anything you can think of.

They are easy to train staff with!

Any competent person can be cooking pizza like a professional in a matter of hours instead of weeks of trying to learn how to cook a pizza .

They Save Labor cost daily!

No need for two pizza professional  every hour (unless you are super busy every hour)  One man can make pizza and cook pizza during slower times and this could save you tens of thousands per year. Isn’t that great an oven that can pay for itself !

They Are Supper Efficient!

Our Venturi gas burner system uses a combined gas and  forced air mixture that allows minimal gas expense while creating max temperatures. The oven can run at 900F on as little as 50,000 BTUs Lets put that in perspective a commercial stove burner one is 30,000 BTUs and deep fryers are up to 200,000 BTUs So lets save some gas money too!

Burn Gas and Or Wood !

You can run your oven on gas alone and set temperatures to create the perfect environment for baking. Add a little wood in the wood fired window and you have the perfect show with ambiance and the smell of wood. Some operators use the gas just to heat the oven and then load it up with wood and cook like that.


Come and Cook With Us! 

We will be happy to show you what we do in a live restaurant environment. Bake pizza Make Bread Cook some steak if you like !

So These are just some of the reasons we make the  Best Brick Ovens For Sale !


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