Why Revolving Brick Ovens

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Why Revolving Brick Ovens

Why Revolving Brick Ovens? There are many reasons to choose a revolving brick oven over a conventional fixed deck brick oven. First and foremost is the consistency of pizza baked in a revolving brick oven compared to a regular brick oven. In a revolving brick oven, you can place your pizza on the cooking surface and let it cook, no need to spin it or reach into a hot oven and rotate the pizza. The heat in a revolving brick oven is evenly dispersed as the stone rotates (some call them rotator ovens). Because the cooking surface is not fixed with the heat source or fire in one place you don’t have to continually move your pizza around the cooking deck to avoid burning and cold spots.

Ease of Operation 

Ease of use is another important feature. Anyone with common sense can be trained to use the oven and handle pizza in a few minutes’ versus  the months of training to work a conventional brick oven. This allows owners that are not the pizza men to have much more control and flexibility with staff and avoids having to rely on only one or 2 key personnel to be your experts. Not only that, but your pizza making will be more consistent with less responsibility on your pizza men cooking with the same style and ability.  Next comes speed. You may not think this is as important as it is but if you have ever been stuck in a regular brick oven on a Friday night during the dinner rush you would understand. There is nothing worse than turning away paying customers because your oven has to get hot or it’s too hot and has to cool off. These thins are completely handled by the New York Brick Oven Companies Revolving Brick Oven.  Because the cooking temperature is constant and set. The revolving  brick oven cooking surface is constantly reheated resulting in “no fade” or cold deck. You don’t get hot spots because the entire cooking surface is the same temperature. As an operator, this takes a lot of the guess work out and adds a lot of dependability.

Labor Savings

Now a topic near and dear to most owners is labor. Between wages, insurance, overtime, social security and workers comp every dollar you spend on labor gets multiplied. This adds up really quickly and can make or break your operation. A revolving  brick oven can help save labor because your pizza man is not “stuck” to the oven and can make more pies as his pizzas are baking.  He does not have to be at the oven constantly turning and moving the pies. This is a tremendous benefit to anybody who has ever worked a brick oven for any period of time can tell you.If you are using wood and gas as a heat source you can regulate the temperature. No more worrying about having to continually monitor the temperature and add wood since the gas will keep it level.  The wood consumption also  goes way down as it is not the only heat source.

Multi Unit Operators 

So if you have multiple units or are planning to open  multiple units the value goes up proportionately across the board. By having a consistently baked product  from a revolving brick oven you have consistency and happy clients.   Remember easy to use,  but more importantly, it is easy to train your pizza makers on.  This is why the Revolving brick oven is the best choice for all fast-casual pizza chains.  And Why New York Brick Oven Company is leading the industry and quickly becoming the top choice for Fast Casual Pizza and start- up artisan pizza places across America.  



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