Wood Fire Pizza Start Ups

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Wood Fire Pizza Start Ups

Wood Fire Pizza Start Ups . So you want to start a wood fired pizza concept? Well lets talk about what it takes and why the revolving brick oven can be a life saver.

Many people call and say i want to start a Neapolitan pizza concept and would like some information on your brick ovens. I never would be rude but usually ask them what exactly they mean by Neapolitan pizza some know but most don’t.  If you do great but if you don’t: Neapolitan pizza is a an exact way and style of pizza I’m going to quote wiikipedia here for some data although Ive been cooking and making it most of my life now  as well as traveled  to the source in Naples

Wood Fired Start Ups

     Neapolitan Pizza Wood Fired Start Ups

Neapolitan pizza

(Italianpizza napoletana) also known as Naples-style pizza, is a style of pizza made with tomatoes and mozzarella cheese. It must be made with either San Marzano tomatoes or Pomodorino del Piennolo del Vesuvio, which grow on the volcanic plains to the south of Mount Vesuvius, and Mozzarella di Bufala Campana, a protected designation of origin cheese made with the milk from water buffalo raised in the marshlands of Campania and Lazio in a semi-wild state, or “Mozzarella STG”, a cow’s milk mozzarella.[1][2] Neapolitan pizza is a Traditional Speciality Guaranteed (TSG) product in Europe, and the art of its making is included on UNESCO‘s list of intangible cultural heritage.[3] This style of pizza gave rise to the New York-style pizza that was first made by Italian immigrants to the United States in the early 20th century.


There are different variants, but the original one is called Pizza Margherita, and it follows the essential rules for the ingredients, tomato, sliced mozzarella, basil and extra virgin olive oil, sometimes with a sprinkle of Parmesan Cheese on top. Other variants are: pizza marinara, which is made with tomato, garlicoregano and extra virgin olive oil and pizza Margherita DOP made with tomato, buffalo mozzarella from Campania, basil and extra virgin olive oil. The pizza Napolitano is a Traditional Speciality Guaranteed (TSG) product in Europe. The TSG certification attests that a particular food product objectively possesses specific characteristics which differentiate it from all others in its category, and that its raw materials, composition or method of production have been consistent for a minimum of 30 years.

Lets Put It Together

New York Brick Oven style Pizza

               New York Brick Oven Style at 800 f

    New York Style Cooked At 750f in the Inferno Series Oven 

Now That’s a bit of data to swallow  but here is the skinny.  Neapolitan pizza is great but not all people understand it. Its soft and tender and definably  not good for delivery. So another approach is to make something a little more traditional  but great. I guess you can categorize  that as just “Brick Oven Pizza” Or what we like to call it New York Brick Oven Style . Fresh Mozzarella, Italian plumb tomatoes and high gluten American flour that is cooked at about 700f to 800F This pizza is would be more crispier and more friendly to all.It can even be made with tradition cheese on top at 750f to make a great tradition New York style pizza ! The lower the temp the crispier the pizza will become.



With all that being said you need to be great at what you do and make a pizza that everyone is going to love. Whether it’s Neapolitan pizza: lots of blisters traditionally soft , New York Brick Oven Style or New York style be the best. Its also good to know your customer base and how you want to market yourself. You can be a fine pizza shop with high end wines and super gourmet pizza. Or you can be a comfortable place with great pizza cold beer and a comfortable atmosphere. It really depends on who you want to be and if your customer base will appreciate that as well.

Now lets look at todays labor market. Who wants work in a restaurant?  Lets face it the labor market is super tough these days most young people have other ideas and don’t believe in hard work.  Qualified and skilled people require more salaries .  The oven tender in traditional wood fired ovens is a very specialized skilled king of person. I know first hand what it takes to cook hundreds of pizza on a friday night in front of a wood fired oven and built the first woodfired oven on Staten Island New York In 1992.

Brick Oven

The Original Goodfellas Oven 1992 Staten Island New York 

It was quite a  learning curve to cook the pizzas with out burning them and having to stand with your head in front of the oven at all times for hours  turning and moving pizza.  But that was then and we went forward with the revolving oven saving labor and being more consistent. The great thing about the revolving oven is you really don’t burn the pizza and they cook great every time! And you can train anyone to use the oven in a couple of hours instead of weeks! So when it comes to wood fired start ups give the experts a call today ! We would love to hear from you and your ideas on Wood Fire Pizza Start Ups

Wood Fire Pizza Start Ups

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