Wood fired brick oven

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Wood fired brick oven

Brick Ovens Word Wide

This is a hand built wood fired brick oven that I  built in New Zealand. It is a five-foot interior oven built from fire brick. The oven was built for one of the Pizza School of New  York student’s  Big  Chris “Chevy”.

He came to New York to learn how to make gourmet brick oven pizza and became our friend for life. I  gladly traveled to the other side of the world and built the oven. His store is called “Art of Pizza” he is doing fantastic with his small but beautiful operation. I call it  “One man and his oven” it’s the perfect recipe for success!  Guess what? He is now  opening store two!  So if your ever in New Zealand look up my Good friend Chris at the  ART OF PIZZA New Zealand.

 Wood fired brick ovens

Brick Ovens world WideWe have been building all types of  wood-fired brick ovens for years . We also  offer all types of pizza consulting for our client’s worldwide. So if you want to become a pizza master or have a custom built brick oven give us a call today. We build ovens grills and anything you can think of. You can also visit the pizza school of New York site at www.pizzaschoolnewyork.com to learn about what we can do for you.

Revolving Wood Fired Brick Ovens . If you are a fan of  a wood fired brick oven why not let the revolving brick oven cook the same pizza without the skill. Make your wood fired brick oven life  easy. The revolving oven does an incredible job and cooks perfect pizza without being tied to your oven.

The first brick oven 1992


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